The Bedroom


The bedroom is the most intimate place in the house. It is not a place where everyone is invited in. It is a place of intimacy. Your time spent here is very valuable; it is your place of rest and refuge. The bedroom is representative of your mind.

My sister used this as an example yesterday and it struck a cord with me as something that would make for a much needed discussion. You see, we live in the age of information. No longer is it required to read 5,000 page encyclopedias at libraries. All you have to do now is Google what you want and technology takes care of the rest. We are in a time of knowledge and information. This can be a good thing, but it can also in many ways be a dangerous thing.

Not all information is good information and not all knowledge is good knowledge. Our minds can be so easily cluttered these days with the opinions and feelings of others or distracted by something that mean nothing. Everyone is on a quest to sound more intellectual than the next person and in the end they both give birth to foolishness. Deception wraps its arms around the four corners of the bed and hides underneath beautiful plump comforters that are outlined in gold. But what does your mind really look like? What about stress? What about being so busy that you don’t have time to live? Mental clarity is essential to a person’s overall daily operation. Are you allowing the wrong people, places, and things to occupy your mind?  Is all your business on Facebook?

A bedroom is not a kick it place. It is not a discussion place. A bedroom is an intimate place. A relaxing place. Are you letting everyone in? What’s going on in your place of refuge?

Today, visit your bedrooms. What’s there?

1. What am I doing right now that I can rejoice in?
2. What am I neglecting to do that I know is right?
3. What needs to be evaluated, examined, and then held onto or removed?

Remember, you can’t find rest in a crowded room.

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