They Don’t Know Who They Are

There’s a rumor taking place among African Americans in America. A rumor that has always been there but that is now being echoed from the mouths of others. We heard it first from Raven-Symoné and then Whoopi Goldberg, and now Stacey Dash.


Let us start by saying that The United States has been drunk off the blood of the African American for 397 years now–that is from 1619 to the present, when blacks were first brought here in a servitude capacity on the banks of the James River in Jamestown Virginia. Since then blacks have fought in every American war and contributed to every major American architectural structure. Blacks have single handily been the backbone to American wealth and prosperity. Their slave labor is the reason many people are still wealthy today. It is no coincidence that they succeeded in the cotton fields where the Native did not. They were not brought to America by mere chance, but their captors understood their farming history as a people and their capacity to flourish. It is because of this that many African Americans feel that there is no one more American than they. This is when things get weird.

The servant is not invited to the party as a guest. The servant is invited as a servant. His job is not to mingle or even to sit at the masters table. The servant is not prohibited to kick his shoes off, go upstairs and rest. The servant is not there to get comfortable. The servant’s job is to serve. The black man and woman didn’t come to America on a plane. The black man and woman came to America in shackles. We’re not talking about the blacks who arrived here prior to 1619, we’re talking about the blacks who began what is infamously known as The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. These blacks, it is clear, have no idea who they are as a people. They have been robbed and spoiled and hidden into prison houses. They have no idea what’s going on around them or in front of them. They are wild bulls in a net and filled with the fury of the Almighty. Mistake it not that they are blessed. Any contribution from them is prosperity. The blood in their veins is still a covenanted one. They sing songs about redemption and have built communities out of nothing.


However, at what point has American become synonymous with ethnicity, or rather, nationality? Were not your ancestors considered less than human beings when this country was built? If given the chance do you think the founding fathers would not have signed the constitution in your blood? You cannot align yourself with the Native because he too had you as slaves. Did your rights not have to be amended or added on like a button to a shirt? What to the slave is the 4th of July?

The Mexican American is American. The Canadian American is American. The European American is American. The Irish American is American. All of these people are Americans because they live in America, but when we talk about the nationality, which refers to a country, who are you? Every other people in America can still point in the direction of their natural heritage except the African American in America. This perpetual state of ignorance has caused many of them to settle for being Americans. They don’t know who they are. Just because I help build someone’s house, this does not make it mine.

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I write to restore Black Historical Truth for the freedom of all people. Visit me online at and @yecheilyah on IG and Twitter.

6 thoughts on “They Don’t Know Who They Are”

  1. Reblogged this on Nadiras Locs and commented:
    I beg your pardon, and ask your peace. However, not to take away from the truths that do exist in your post, but I would be convicted if I did not say . . .

    There has and has always been since 50,000 + years ago . . .”Moabites, Africans, Indigenous People, Olmec, Melanated AMERICANS on the continent of America/Amexem/North West Africa (North, Central and South).

    Europeans DID NOT bring the first copper/brown/dark skinned people here in 1619 to Jamestown . . . (Virginia, born I am) That sign speaks many falsehoods . . . there was no indentured servitude . . .not even for the foreigners=Europeans(Polish, Irish, German, Dutch, Quakers, Protestants, etc) . . .they too were slaves to COLONIAL FORCES (the English Crown) as well.
    Our history books are lies. Our media are lies. Our Holidays don’t reflect the PAGAN/Village Dweller/African/Indigenous histories they were stolen from.

    #RantOver –this is meant to educate further, not to tear down what you have offered Queen Yecheilyah. Many praise for sharing this!

    As always,
    ♥ Egypt

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    1. Thank you for leaving a comment on the table.

      History books are lies indeed. “Blacks” and their presence in America did not start in 1619, truth. In fact, neither did our slavery begin in America but the Islamic slave trade took place a thousand years before the European one (the list goes on) as blacks became scattered throughout the four corners of the world. Our American captivity however, the one that began in 1619 specifically, is one of the worst captivities blacks have faced. Others have been slaves of course (truth) but no other people can produce documents that state that their people have faced a greater level of affliction than the African American during their American captivity. Despite all of this however, the purpose of this post is that American is not a nationality.


  2. What a disaster, it is a crime that goes unpunished. Everyone should have the right to know where they come from and what their roots are. And I agree with you when you say that the slaves built America as it stands today, they shed blood, shed their heritage and broke their backs doing it. Slavery should never have happened, it is a sin against humanity itself.

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    1. The interesting thing about ignorance I have found is this: if a people does not know who they are, it is their own fault. It’s no secret, the truth is out there and always have been but many refuse to see it. Even slavery itself was prophesied about (Duet. 28:68).

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