So, what’s new?

How is everyone doing? I’m missing y’all! So, talk to me, how is life? I’m well. You may have noticed the blog posts have slowed. I think it’ll be like this for a while. Aside from not having the time to post like a crazy person, I think I like posting less…yea right! Not. We’ll see how long this lasts. So anyway, coffee?

If we were having coffee right now, I’ll tell you:


  • I have a brand new nephew (or nephews rather). If you are on my Fb page you may have seen the cutie.
  • My other nephew just passed on to the 7th grade and he had a birthday yesterday …I feel old. My once little poo man is 12. I can’t.
  • The writing is going well. The manuscript for #TheRenaissance is moving along. I should be finished with the first draft by the end of summer. I’m also looking into adding more products to the store. What would you like to see in an online bookstore?
  • I potentially have a spot at a bookstore in Florida but I won’t get excited until the deal is finalized….wait for it.
  • The Play is moving forward. We’re having our 3rd showing of the black history theatre production Blakk Amerika next month in San Antonio Texas. Speaking of business endeavors, I received a blog offer to write for a blogging site online but I haven’t decided yet. Still checking into it, verifying its legitimacy you know, gotta do your homework on these things. More on that soon.
  • Hubby and I are looking to move which is exciting! I love the new apartment complex. This one is far more spacious than where we are now and will fit all of our things. There’s a lake in the backyard and I’m just hype but were still waiting. Hopefully everything falls through like we would like and we can get started with the long drawn out tiring, yet exciting, process that is moving.
  • Let’s see, umm…oh, I’m still beautiful! lol