Writing Tip — 26

Excellent Tip. So on time for me. I’ll be using these questions as I revise my novel. #Winning

Anna Dobritt -- Author


One trick you can use to help in revising your story, is going through the entire book, and for each scene ask the following questions:

  1. What is the current pov character attempting to do?
  2. Why are they doing this?
  3. What or who is preventing them from their goal?
  4. If they don’t reach the goal, what will happen?
  5. Do they succeed or fail?
  6. Is anything in this scene important to the main plot or any of the minor plots in the story?

When you’ve gone through the scenes in your book, make a note of the plot holes that exist, and use the above questions to help create the scene to fill  the hole.

Remember, you don’t have to cut everything that doesn’t move the story forward. After all, your characters don’t’ live in a vacuum. Your characters need to be living, breathing people to your readers, not some stick figure…

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