This Month in Black History – September


This month sped by so fast I almost missed this month’s history wrap up!


September 5, 1859 – Harriet Wilson’s novel Our Nig is published

September 8, 1965 – Dorothy Dandridge found dead

September 8, 1986 – The Oprah Winfrey Show debut

September 9, 1739 – The Stono Rebellion, the largest slave uprising in the British mainland colonies prior to the American Revolution, occurs in South Carolina

September 10, 1963 – Schools in Alabama desegregated

September 11, 1977 – Roots wins 9 Emmy Awards

September 12, 1905 – Master Horseman John Ware is killed when his horse trips, crushing him and breaking his neck

September 12, 1913 – Jessie Owens is born

September 12, 1947 – Jackie Robinson named rookie of the year

September 13, 1885 – Alain Locke of the Harlem Renaissance is born

September 15, 1963 – The 16th Street Baptist Church is bombed in Birmingham Alabama leaving 4 little girls dead and one blind in one eye

September 15, 1978 – Muhammad Ali becomes the WBA Champ

September 16, 1794– The French Abolish Slavery. (Slavery is reinstituted under Napoleon in 1802 along with the reinstitution of the “Code noir”, prohibiting Blacks from entering French colonial territory or intermarrying with whites).

September 17, 1858 – Dred Scott dies of Tuberculosis 17 months after emancipation

September 18, 1850 – The Fugitive Slave Law is passed by Congress

September 18, 1919 – Frederick Douglass “Fritz” Pollard is the first African American professional football player for a major team

September 18, 1970 – Jimi Hendrix dies in London (at the young age of 27)

September 20-24th 1830 – The First National Negro Convention met in Philadelphia

September 20, 1958 – Martin Luther King Jr. stabbed in the chest while signing copies of Stride Toward Freedom in Blumstein’s department store in Harlem

September 24, 1957 – Eisenhower orders the 101st Airborne Division to Little Rock Arkansas to force desegregation at Little Rock Central High School

September 24, 1935 – Joe Louis defeats Max Baer at Yankee Stadium, Bronx New York

September 26, 1967 – Riots erupt in Tampa, FL after police shoot Martin Chambers, an unarmed  black teen

September 28, 1991 – Miles Davis dies

September 30, 1919 – Oct 1 –  The Elaine Race Riots (also known as The Elaine Massacre) occurs in the Elaine town of Phillips County Arkansas


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I am


I am rotten lettuces on tasteless teeth
twisted letters
filthy rags
spoiled meat
I am hands shaking chills of cold winds seeping a cold soul
in a cold world,
I am a braggadocios body bobbing back and forth, carving bones of a sick skeletal make-up
I am he who has yet to have woken up
I am dry bones
I am the one to whom you’ve thrown stones, and chuckles judged my attempt simply to exist
You bypassed me,
laughing, you joked at my life,
you did not consider I may have been Abraham’s wife
or Rachel’s daughter
may have been your foundation
you did not consider I could have planted in the bowels of a broken being rooted seeds,
you didn’t believe your saliva could have been running down the face of Jacob’s seed
I am proof of your past
I am not first, I am last
But I am not last, I am first
I am broken waters to quench your thirst
I am shattered glass
Chanted songs and free at last
Beautiful earthquakes, hour glass
The materialized substance of your disobedience
I am the gift to your present
I am crumbled potato chip bags curling in the agonizing pain of empty contents
I am dirty walls and street gangs, schools without common sense
spiritual non-sense
I am slavery folded within the pages of ignorance
I am pregnant mothers at 16,
I am dope dealers
Crack fiends
I am cold rods against soft bones
Dripping water stains like ice cream cones, I am your portion
I am Planned Parenthood, I am abortion.
I am poverty, sickness, I am disease
I am the consideration of obedience to reverse this
I am the judgment of sins,
I am The Curses
I am history
I am present, I am future and I am youth
I am both what you desire and what you despise
I am
The truth