I am


I am rotten lettuces on tasteless teeth
twisted letters
filthy rags
spoiled meat
I am hands shaking chills of cold winds seeping a cold soul
in a cold world,
I am a braggadocios body bobbing back and forth, carving bones of a sick skeletal make-up
I am he who has yet to have woken up
I am dry bones
I am the one to whom you’ve thrown stones, and chuckles judged my attempt simply to exist
You bypassed me,
laughing, you joked at my life,
you did not consider I may have been Abraham’s wife
or Rachel’s daughter
may have been your foundation
you did not consider I could have planted in the bowels of a broken being rooted seeds,
you didn’t believe your saliva could have been running down the face of Jacob’s seed
I am proof of your past
I am not first, I am last
But I am not last, I am first
I am broken waters to quench your thirst
I am shattered glass
Chanted songs and free at last
Beautiful earthquakes, hour glass
The materialized substance of your disobedience
I am the gift to your present
I am crumbled potato chip bags curling in the agonizing pain of empty contents
I am dirty walls and street gangs, schools without common sense
spiritual non-sense
I am slavery folded within the pages of ignorance
I am pregnant mothers at 16,
I am dope dealers
Crack fiends
I am cold rods against soft bones
Dripping water stains like ice cream cones, I am your portion
I am Planned Parenthood, I am abortion.
I am poverty, sickness, I am disease
I am the consideration of obedience to reverse this
I am the judgment of sins,
I am The Curses
I am history
I am present, I am future and I am youth
I am both what you desire and what you despise
I am
The truth

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I write to restore Black Historical Truth for the freedom of all people. Visit me online at yecheilyahysrayl.com and @yecheilyah on IG and Twitter.

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