Are You Happy With Who You Are?

For most of you Society dictates your life. It tells you how to think, what music to listen to, how many degrees is enough to qualify you as important, and what kind of clothes to wear. Sadly, for some of you, the world even dictates your morals and values. What is right and wrong? What God should you follow and to what extent? How much devotion is enough devotion and what potency of truth is cult like? How much religion is too much religion? Why is the bible associated with religion at all? Or is that too far out of league to question? Or how much weight is too much weight? I keep seeing people, women especially, with their non-flattened stomachs out. Are pot bellies in now only because society said so? Let us expose our guts now because the world finally agrees that big is beautiful.

With all of this going on, what’s in and what’s not in, who’s perfect and who’s not perfect, my question to you is: Are you happy with the way you live your life?