Yecheilyah’s Book Reviews – The Love Labyrinth by Pamela D. Beverly

Title: The Love Labyrinth

Author: Pamela D. Beverly

Print Length: 201 pages

Publisher: Pamela D. Beverly (March 12, 2017)

Publication Date: March 12, 2017

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


*I received this book as a gift from the author*

When Noelle Harrison meets Clark Johnson on her way out the church doors, she immediately discerns that his kindness is not appropriate for a married woman. Already we can see Noelle struggling. Should she go out to lunch with the young, fine, Clark? He claims he just wants to be friends, is that possible? Can a married woman be friends with another man without romance being involved? This is the question I asked myself as Clark and Noelle made plans for lunch.

The plot thickens as we discover that Mr. Wayne Harrison is a workaholic who is always away on business. In fact, he is so busy that he practically ignores Noelle’s cries for attention and is not as helpful with their two sons as he should be. Frustrated with being ignored, Noelle continues to go on lunch dates with Clark while struggling to hold onto her integrity. Clark wants Noelle and he wants her bad. She has taken over his mind and is now all he thinks about. Noelle has no idea the kind of life altering decision a simple lunch date can be.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. For me, it has a mixture of everything. Of course, there’s the serious question of fidelity and married life but there’s also drama and laughs (Clark’s a bit of a crybaby. I am sure that’s him smiling on the cover.) When things got deep my heart broke for each of the main characters (Noelle, Wayne, Clark) at different points in the story. It reminded me of how precious marriage is but also how important it is not to play around with someone’s heart. The Love Labyrinth is a smooth read, not too fast and not too slow with some well-developed characters.


Plot Movement / Strength: 5/5

Entertainment Factor: 4/5

Characterization: 5/5

Authenticity / Believable: 4/5

Thought Provoking: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

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Broke up with my other blog


At least now I have an excuse to buy chocolates < What’s with this anyway? Where’s the book that says chocolate heals a broken heart? I can’t answer that for you, but I will say it is some prescription. But anyways, I’m digressing < seems I do that a lot.

So, as I was saying, a house of poetry and I finally broke it off. After just a year of hot and steamy poetry I just couldn’t do it anymore. I mean it was nice in the beginning no doubt, but I obviously have fidelity issues. I’m actually not that bad really. I mean, I haven’t thought of any new blogs to create ever since me and PBS started hanging out <why does The PBS Blog bring this smile to my face? See, that’s my problem, I’m in love with the PBS blog, not like we haven’t been over this already though (Ok, so I said the same thing about you, but why we bringing up old stuff tho?) And why am I explaining myself? It’s not like I have to report to a house of poetry posts anymore anyway. Not like I got metaphors hanging from dashboards and love notes between comments and whatnot. Speaking of which, I was really good to you so you can stop making me out to be the bad girl here. I mean, I know that you technically don’t exist anymore but you can give me some credit. You act like I just up and left. I did give you a warning this was going nowhere so technically I didn’t really cheat on you behind your back. Is it really my fault that you ignored the signs? Like you didn’t see all these followers easing their way to the PBS blog in the middle of the night.