Yecheilyah’s Book Reviews – Coed by James Fant

Title:  Coed

Author: James Fant

Print Length: 188 pages

Publisher: James Fant Books, LLC

Publication Date: February 14, 2017

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Coed is a romantic comedy about a man and woman who invests in a barber-beauty shop business called Coed. In a scene reminiscent of the movie Barber Shop, men cut hair on one side, and the women do hair on the other. Owners Travis “Trap” Barber and Sade Styles are best friends whose friendship is tested when Sade’s lease is up, and she moves in with Travis. Being “besties” is one thing but can Trap, and Sade maintains a platonic relationship while living under the same roof? The novel seeks to answer this question hilariously.

When Sade moves in with Trap, they fight to control their feelings for one another, like Sidney and Dre from the movie Brown Sugar. They are attracted to each other on multiple levels, but Sade has a man, and Trap’s a playboy. Eventually, Sade breaks it off with her boyfriend, and Trap insists on attending Myrtle Beach with her to see Lalah Hathaway. He doesn’t know how deeply the trip would impact them both.

I stayed up late just to see what would happen. If you’re a fan of Brown Sugar, Barbershop, and The Best Man, you’ll want to read this book.

I recommend it for lovers of romance, comedy and drama. It has it all.

Plot Movement / Strength: 4/5

Entertainment Factor: 5/5

Characterization: 5/5

Authenticity / Believable: 4/5

Thought Provoking: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

COED is available now on Amazon

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