Learn to Be Kind


We are officially done with summer (boo) and are entering the fall months. We are headed to what I like to call the darkest times of the year. I call it this because lots of negative energy is released around this time. Lots of stress, suicide rates climb, and people lose their minds. So, this is just a random Thursday word but, I’d like to remind you as we come into the later portion of the year that no one has an obligation to respond to negativity. There is no written rule that the loudest voice is the most courageous and I’d like everyone to remember that its OK to be cool, calm, and collected. Poised if you will. Balanced.

Being angry is easier than being kind. Anger requires little to no effort at all. Anger robs you not only of peace, but of physical and emotional energy. It is a sign of weakness and low self-esteem. It takes more self-control and self-discipline to be kind when others are being mean. It takes more strength to be still in the face of adversity, and to sit back and be silent when others are in confrontation. Kindness is a sign that someone has done a lot of work to improve their personal self and have come to great self-understanding, humility, and wisdom. Learn and practice being the kind, centered version of yourself. This is the most inspiring and productive person.

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I write Black Historical Fiction, Poetry, and Inspirational Non-Fiction for the Freedom of all People. Visit me on the web at yecheilyahysrayl.com/

15 thoughts on “Learn to Be Kind”

  1. This is all so very true.
    I’ve got into a discussion with someone one a ‘religious’ forum who sees my faith as corrupt and essentially cruel, I try and explain; but no polite ‘Really no kidding? So how does work in such and such a case’….nope all ‘J’accuse! J’accuse!!’. Shame really. NO sign of agreeing to differ yet, I want to keep on to see if I can achieve that consensus.
    I do feel sorry for folk in the late autumn/winter. It works the opposite way for me. So if they feel as ‘off’ or worse as I do in the summer, particularly as they have to contend with the dark, cold and wet (and un-entertaining snow), my sympathies.
    Thank you for putting out these words, the antidote to the ‘dreng’ (Farscape) you meet so often on the networks.
    Has to be Re-blogged

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      1. Errr… I don’t think I did….well not intentionally.
        Y’see this is why I should never be allowed out alone on the net.
        Dare not create my own website, goodness knows what would happen to folk who visited it( at best they’d probably find after that they can only get to a Warner Brothers link!)

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          1. Thanks.
            I was guided by WP, I’ve thought about changing it, but then panicked at what might happen and settled for ‘Leave Well Alone’ or ‘If it an’t broke. Don’t fix it’

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