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SCAM ALERT!!! Many of you who are familiar with my blog know that I have tried writing for My Trending Stories, Yes, I went for it. I was very suspicious of them but wanted to see for myself. I was foolish but not that foolish! I only uploaded articles that you can already find on my blog . However, I went to delete an article earlier and couldn’t delete it! I then went in and erased all of my articles so that even if someone wanted to click on them they’ll only see a picture, no article. I am glad that Jason posted this, it is my second confirmation today and I am sharing this to help others who are victims of scam blog sites who only want to monetize on someone elses work. You may laugh but oh well, you live and you learn. I’m just happy I was smart enough not to upload anything important. My plan was to try it for myself and see. Now I know. Lesson learned.


36 thoughts on “My Trending Stories

    1. I’m sorry too loll. Its all good though. I didn’t post too much and all my articles are no longer available. I started getting even more suspicious when I realized the number of people who received emails from them. Even more disturbing, no one was saying anything negative about them! This is why I’m sharing. If they’re scamming, I’ll risk embarrassment to save someone else.

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  1. They emailed me as well! Them I went on their site and saw you there, so I was going to ask you about it! But I was suspicious anyway, since I couldn’t find anything about them on Google. Thanks for the post!

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    1. They emailed everyone on WordPress! Lol. This is why I had to speak up. Its my responsibility to those who may look to me for writing stuff…not that I’m anyone special ; )


    1. You’re welcome. As I think about it more deeply I don’t think their intention was bad, just the way they’re going about getting people to blog for them. If they were just honest, it would have faired better. I just received a response back from my request to step down. They were respectful and wished me well. Still, the fact that we were all sent the exact same emails rubs me the wrong way, and robs me of feeling that they genuinely enjoy my work and wanted me for my own personal talents.

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            1. Me too. Because they’re still good people there, I erased my articles and added a message on my profile: “To follow Yecheilyah, please visit her blog…” and pasted this blog link there. That way the followers I’ve built up aren’t lost. Then I emailed them to remove my account.

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