Renaissance: The Nora White Story

Dear Ms. Morrison,

Now that I’ve actually finished the first draft, received some feedback, and am on my way to the next part of the process, I’ve changed the name of my upcoming novel. I am almost brave enough to share some excerpts with you! Time permitting, I’ll be releasing chapters this fall and all that fun stuff.

New Title: Renaissance – The Nora White Story

Log-Line: “A young woman seeks to pursue a writing career in The Harlem Renaissance Movement. Meanwhile, her parents search for their daughter’s disappearance.”

I’ll have a full description of what this book is about at a later date. Stay tuned.

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I write Black Historical Fiction, and Soulful Poetry for the freedom of all people. Visit me on the web at

7 thoughts on “Renaissance: The Nora White Story”

  1. I’d love to hear about your thought process. How you solicited feedback? Your thoughts and selection process regarding excerpts. I just finished my first draft but need to start considering marketing while editing.

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    1. Sure! I’m gonna write a separate post about my 7 step process, which I caution is different than most and usually not in this order. (I like to start promoting super early on, like as soon as I know I’m writing the book). In the post I’ll explain:

      1. Research & 1st Draft
      2. Feedback
      3. Chapter Excerpts
      4. Rewrite
      5. Edit
      6. Book Cover Design
      7. Marketing / Pro.

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