Inspiration and Copyright Infringement – How Fine Is The Line?

Wow. This is too close for comfort. I’d be devastated. #ThouShallNotSteal

There are, arguably, seven basic plots. I won’t list them here, but you can find them if you click this link: The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories by Christopher Booker. All seven can be said to result from real life inspiration. While fiction can take these inspirations to incredible heights, the ideas begin from somewhere.

So we have inspiration, yes?

It was brought to my attention this morning that there has been a lawsuit taken up by Sherrilyn Kenyon, bestselling author of the Dark-Hunter paranormal romance series, accusing Cassandra Clare, bestselling author of Mortal Instruments and the Shadowhunter series, of copyright infringement. (Read the article here: )

In this particular case, it seems to me a clear case of copying: if you read the exhibit (click here) given in the lawsuit, the infinite monkey theorem comes to mind as the only other possible explanation, particularly when…

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration and Copyright Infringement – How Fine Is The Line?”

  1. I have read both series and there are similarities but then there are similarities in a lot of other genre series too. So I think its a bit of sour grapes because supernatural versus humanity is not a new idea, its been going for centuries and myths and legends can not be copyrighted. Thank you so much for posting this. I will reblog.

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    1. I’m really glad you commented having read both books. That perspective is much needed and appreciated. That is interesting and true, there are similarities in a lot of books. My question is, where do we draw the line for books that are not just similar but strangely similar? Linda titled this post perfectly! I can’t judge really because I haven’t read either book lol. I’ve only read the comparisons in the notes presented in the case but I can’t help but put myself in those shoes. Your right though, ideas can’t be copy-written.

      Thanks for the reblog but I would encourage you to visit Linda’s site and reblog the original post. I would also encourage you to comment on her post having read both books.


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