Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Lorraine Hansberry

Welcome back to another Writer’s Quote Wednesday Segment as hosted by Colleen of Silver Threading. I have to apologize in advance for not linking up as I usually do. I no longer have to apologize since attaching the link :). I am drafting this Tuesday night and scheduling it to reach your readers by midnight CST. I’ll be out and about and won’t have the time to link until later in the day. < You can like totally ignore this sentence now. I wrote it earlier but it no longer applies. Why don’t I just erase it you say? No, I don’t want to do that. Why? Because I don’t, what’s with all the questions tho?

Anywho, this week’s quote comes from Lorraine Hansberry:



“When you start measuring somebody, measure him right…Make sure you done take into account what hills and valleys he come through before he got wherever he is.”

-Lorraine Hansberry





My husband and I have this saying we use when we’re joking with each other. This saying comes up usually during the times when we’re poking fun of the other or perceiving one another to be doing or saying something we were not doing or saying. If I assume for instance that he’s using the movie room to play Madden but he’s actually doing something else he’ll say, “Judge me righteously” and we’ll laugh for a good ten minutes about it. What the saying means is that if your going to judge me at all, do it right. If I’m going to assume he’s doing something then I better make sure it’s correct and vice verse. That’s what this quote made me think about as I was drafting it. Before you perceive me to be a certain way, be sure to take into account everything that lead me to be who I am. If I’m homeless for instance, make sure to consider how I got here before you laugh.



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Yecheilyah Ysrayl is an author, book blogger and poet of black historical fiction and poetry. She also writes inspirational nonfiction and urban fantasy. "I write to restore black historical truth for the freedom of all people." Visit her online at yecheilyahysrayl.com.

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Lorraine Hansberry”

  1. More than once in my history the next best thing to do was stand and walk away. Your point, “If I’m homeless for instance, make sure to consider how I got here before you laugh” sings to me now. Great share!

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  2. On, you are quite profound this week! I love that: “Judge me righteously!” That is a great saying too. I don’t know of Lorraine Hansberry. I will have to look her up. I loved your introduction and got a good laugh! -Not to judge you because of all the questions, of course! ❤ 😀

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      1. Oh, I have seen the movie and I thought I read a written adaptation of some sort. Hmmm, now I must investigate further! That’s what I love about these quotes. We meet new authors we might not have found by ourselves. Thanks, Yecheilyah! ❤

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