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I hope your day is going well so far. Just a few updates you should all know about before you dig in this weekend. I am rearranging the site a little bit so there are some changes. The Pages are now located to your left (scroll down) and are highlighted in green. I have also set my home page to feature a static page on The Stella Trilogy so if your looking for the most recent posts, they are located to your left under RECENT POSTS. The following pages are also new:

Guest Blogger Page
Author Media Kit

This year I want to focus more on building my level of professionalism both as a Blogger and Author, while maintaining the same unique, laid back freedom I am accustomed to in my small corner of the web, and that I think makes blogging fun in the first place. For this reason, the Author Media Kit contains the basics that you (and your super cool professional friends you can’t wait to introduce me to) will need to get to know me as an author, and the Guest Blogger Page is to garner more variety here on the PBS Blog by having other bloggers to visit from time to time. I have also decided to do Movie Night Friday every other Friday to keep it fresh.


So, that’s what I’m up to and I ask for your patience as I clean up the house here and put the furniture back where it needs to be.

Have a great weekend!

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I write to restore Black Historical Truth for the freedom of all people. Visit me online at and @yecheilyah on IG and Twitter.

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