I wasn’t going to comment on this, but I’m tired of hearing about it so I thought I’d weigh in. Hold your breaths. In fact, you may want to click that nice x button over in the top right corner of your screen. This is not something you want to hear.

Colors have always been strong symbols. Today, almost everything can be recognized or interpreted by its color. When you see red you think stop. When you see green you think go, nature, life, wealth. When you see yellow you think sunshine, light, happiness, peace. When you see pink you think girly. And then there’s black.


Since the Black Panthers, the color Black has been resurrected to be a symbol of power, strength, and rebellion. Rebellion against a system that has defined Black people as something dark and animalistic since the institution of chattel slavery. Today, black people who wear Black are seen as people who embrace black pride and become symbols for the African American rebellion against unjust systems.

However, everything that glitters is not gold and everyone wearing an Afro is not “revolutionary”. In witchcraft, the color black was used to indicate authority and power. It also symbolizes death, fear, and (wait for it) ignorance. Like any other symbol, when you see the color black it causes a trigger in your mind. For African Americans, it causes us to think about The Black Panther Party or Blackness in its relation to Black pride in general.


Why is Beyonce’s Formation being compared to The Black Panthers? What you saw in the half-time of the Superbowl was not a showcase of racial pride. It was not an image of strength and courage it was a coven of witches casting spells. This same thing happened back in 2014 when Solange rocked an Afro at her wedding. A group of people who are collectively worth billions of dollars held a wedding in an old crumbly building in New Orleans with chipping paint and stood like statues with blank stares. The whole thing made no sense and was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen but because they wore Afros y’all praised it like it was something profound.

Am I a hater? Yes. I hate when people jump on bandwagons because of the appearance of something that looks positive but that they have no knowledge of. You weren’t shown Black Power, you were shown Black Cat Power and any Wiccan can tell you there’s a difference. Back in the day people worshipped the Sun and Moon and considered them Gods. Later, these worshippers associated specific animals with them. Concerning the cat, they believed certain Goddesses took the form of cats (cats are very sensitive to spirits), specifically, the Egyptian Goddesses Bast. Not only are cats sensitive to spirits, but black cats were symbolic of magic and darkness after the Goddess Diana (Known as Queen of the Witches) cult was said to have went underground.

By wearing all black, rocking Afros, and throwing clenched fist into the air you were made to believe something profound happened, just the same as when Solange threw an all white wedding. White, a symbol of purification and light. Thus this wedding gave you the perception of purity.

Solange Wedding

I know this is late, and I wasn’t going to say anything about it, but I keep hearing all these positive reviews and expressions of awe over these Solange Wedding pictures from women in the Black community and I just have to say this:

STOP just agreeing with stuff because it has a black face. Black doesn’t automatically qualify it as being good. Just because someone rocks an Afro, this does not make it revolutionary. There is nothing profoundly good about what took place here. There are some things to take into account before you throw in your praise:

Not only is New Orleans the hub for voodoo and witchcraft, but why are multimillionaires (who would collectively make that billionaires) hold a wedding ceremony in an old crumbling, run down building with chipping paint? That’s because this is not a regular wedding ceremony, but everything about this event is highly Masonic. I’m not going to get too much into it but just know that this is a very creepy picture. No one takes pictures like this and if these people were not famous many of you would agree but because you’ve somehow drafted them into your life there are some things many of you will never believe (like how the woman wearing blue bands on her ankles is the child bearer for the sacrifices. Sound strange? That’s because it is). You carelessly latch onto people who do not know, nor do they care, about your well being. Not every celebrity is your friend and they do not have your best interest at heart. Many of them are witches and warlocks who drink blood in their private time but because that’s too far out of your bubble it would take a miracle for you to believe it. And as long as they can call me crazy and throw me into the category of conspiracy theorist, why should you right? Good thing whether or not someone agrees is not the reason I blog. Besides, some of you are into this kinda thing.