Where’s Your Follow Button?!

I don’t usually write posts like this, but if I attempt to follow another blog that does not have a visible follow button, I think I’m gonna scream. I’m not sure what your reasons are for blogging, but if you wish for others to follow your blog for whatever reason, please make sure your FOLLOW BUTTON is VISIBLE. Under your “widgets” section, make sure to position your follow buttons in an area of your blog where we can see it. If you have one at the bottom, make sure there’s also one at the top just in case we don’t make it down that far, nobody wants to go through all 2 years of posting just to find a follow button (and for patience sake, please don’t place it underneath a page, you’ll never get new followers that way). If anyone else have any advice on this please feel free to comment so that others can learn how to better help us to navigate their blogs. I may like the material, but if I have to go on a scavenger hunt just to add you to my list of blogs I’m probably not going to follow it.