Interracial Blog Feature Reminder for 10/22/2015


Oh, hi. I happen to be on my way to the kitchen. I think it’s going to be baked chicken and macaroni tonight with a yummy salad on the side. I shall also chill out with a glass of wine. But that’s not why you called…

Just want to remind you to join me tomorrow for another interview on the topic of Interracial Relationships. As you know, for the rest of this month I will be posting interviews I have conducted with some individuals on their thoughts on the topic of Interracial Marriages and the role race plays in relationships in general. This feature was inspired by the release of book two in my Stella Trilogy, “Beyond The Colored Line” this summer and will post every Thursday of this month. Join me tomorrow at 8:00a CST to meet another good friend of mine. You don’t want to miss her answers!

In Case You Missed It:
Week #1 with Misty Thomas
Week #2 with Lisa W. Tetting