YouTube: New Poem Added! Listen to “The Colors of Poetry” #Poetry #SpokenWord

Listen to The Colors of Poetry below. Be sure to subscribe to this blog by clicking on the button in the sidebar and my YouTube page HERE for notification of new poems.

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I write Black Historical Fiction, and Soulful Poetry for the freedom of all people. Visit me on the web at

12 thoughts on “YouTube: New Poem Added! Listen to “The Colors of Poetry” #Poetry #SpokenWord”

  1. Hi Yecheilyah, I am presently setting up my email on email chimp but I am stuck where I am supposed to insert the code into my site. I do not know exactly where to put the code. Please help. Thanks

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        1. OK. Be sure to copy the code to the Mailchimp Email list you want people to sign up for.
          Go to Mailchimp > Your List > Sign-Up Forms > Subscriber Pop-Up

          Your pop-up form details will show up. Make sure everything is how you want it and click on view code.

          Copy the code and close.

          Go back to your WP dashboard > Widget > Mailchimp Subscriber Pop-Up > Paste your code.
          Click Save.

          Open another window and go to your blog page to see if it pops up. If it doesn’t, go back to your code on Mailchimp and be sure you copied it correctly. I have since taken my pop-up down from the blog but I do remember I had to do it a few times before it showed up on the blog.

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