3 Tips To Keep Your Reader READING: Cliffhanger Endings

I enjoyed this! Excellent lesson. I want to write now lol.

Dan Alatorre


Using my unreleased manuscript An Angel On Her Shoulder, I am showing you my techniques for reworking a story into a more readable, more enjoyable piece. It’s 45+ lessons in about 45 days. (To start at Chapter 1, click HERE.)

To view it best, bring up the two versions in different windows and view them side by side to see what was changed.

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Most of the time we as writers get a scene completed and we say, “That’s enough, I’ll stop writing and end the chapter here.” We solved one of the mini hurdles. Whew! Time for a drink.


If we give readers that feeling of something being resolved, THEY may stop and go have a drink – and never pick our book up again!

Your audience will probably keep reading if the story is…

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