Yecheilyah Book Reviews: A Tale of Three Cities by Alexander McCabe

Title: A Tale of Three Cities
Author: Alexander McCabe
ISBN: 978-0-9940447-1-6
Release Date: November 2, 2015
Advanced Review Copy Edition

 A Tale of Three Cities is a fantastic story involving two women who do not intimately know each other but whose lives become connected in a horrific span of events that will forever change both women. 

While occupying the waiting room of a dental office, bank cashier Melissa Chisholm is reading a magazine when her attention is snagged by a missing persons headline accompanied by a photograph of a woman she is sure she knows. Enticed by the million-dollar reward for any information regarding Kristy Bradley, Melissa sets out to redeem the much-needed cash, being reassured that she does know the woman who changed her name to Lady Penelope Munro. 

According to the article, the two love birds married out of High School. They settled into a financially stable and happy life before Kristy was allegedly kidnapped by Anthony Di Silva, a mob boss masquerading as CEO of a Waste Management Company and currently serving 25 to life after 34 million dollars, and Michael’s wife went missing. Now Melissa is flying from Glasgow, Scotland, to Harrison, New York, to assist Kristy’s poor husband find his long-lost wife.

Sitting in her car outside Michael’s front door, Melissa is unaware of the man behind the smile in the magazine. As she waits nervously for him to read the documents she slipped into his home and to listen to her message on his answering machine, she has no idea of the maniac she has just involved herself with. As she waits, watching Michael faint at the contents of the documents with tears colliding down his face, Melissa doesn’t know about the secret hatred more than love pulsating through his veins. When his true character is revealed, it made me think about the stigmas surrounding a woman’s submission, what it means, and how abusive men take advantage of women who do. Nonetheless, as Melissa waits, it will be a hard lesson for her.

I was pleasantly surprised. I was not too excited when I discovered this book was 500 pages long. However, McCabe has written an adventurous tale that will engage all of your senses. His attention to detail is remarkable, and I found Z’s sense of humor hilarious at times. I also enjoyed how the author displays Michael’s deranged demeanor against Melissa’s sympathy for his loss. Having lost her parents in a car wreck years ago, her loss drives the naivety and compassion she feels for a man who has seemingly, like her, lost everything. I also enjoyed the parallels between Melissa’s life and Kristy’s, and like a single thread that weaves fabric together, the dynamics involving the two women bring it all in.


A Tale of Three Cities releases November 2, 2015. Please visit Alexander at his social networking sites and be sure to pick up this book! It is a must read. Though I read it already, I would love to still purchase the paperback for my collection when it releases.


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