Book Release Trivia Day! Post #4 *GAME TIME: Hunger Games*


GAME TIME! Who’s ready? Here we go:

Hunger Games: Its Lunch Time! Be the first to answer this question correctly and win a Free Copy of Stella!

I am taking the first 3 correct answers this time! That’s right, 3 people have a chance to win this prize. AND, to make sure you keep your place and all, I am throwing in 3 matching Stella Bookmarks! So here goes:

On Sunday’s Stella’s mom Judith cooks a feast of a dinner. Which of these foods according to your best guess was NOT on the dinner table? This is easy if you’ve been paying attention to me :).

a. Brim and Crappy
b. Spaghetti and Meatballs
c. Fried Chicken and Macaroni
d. Greens, Neck-bones and Cornbread

Meanwhile, I’m gonna grab some lunch. Listen to this throwback from the movie Soul Food and I will be back with the answer! Love ya mama’s for cooking all those delicious meals!

Winners announced soon! This is for a FREE Copy of the book. Hurry! Comment your answer below.

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