The “N Word”: A Wake-Up Call

President Barack Obama used the n-word to make a point about the reality of racism in America during an interview released Monday, June 22, 2015 with comedian Marc Maron. Obama weighed in on the national debate on race relations and gun control that has been reignited after the Charleston shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Many of you have probably already noticed that I have no problem using the “N Word” on this blog. You have probably asked yourself why, “Surely she understands it’s history..?” Of course I do.

I figured since Obama just used it, which means it’s fresh in your minds, this is a good time to talk about it.

Here’s the thing:

Words have meaning. They are not idle and do not exist just because, but words always have and always will have meaning. In a recent post, I discussed the many titles placed upon black people in the attempt to define their nationality. I used words like Black, African (or Afro) American, Colored, Negro and I threw Nigger in there too. These are all bywords and proverbs and mockeries placed on us throughout our history here. They are proverbs and mockeries because they do not define who we are. (Duet. 28:37).

nas-and-kelisLogically speaking, all emotion aside, I’m going to put this as real as I only know how. Just as words are not idle, action is not either. Every thought, and every action means something. If you want people to stop using “The N Word”, then stop acting like niggas. Stop degrading yourself and your people by accepting ratchet behavior and slave like mentalities. When you know something is wrong and you continue to do it, that is disobedient behavior and only niggas and thugs and hood rats are disobedient. Stop accepting mediocrity and then calling it racism. Now I am no fool, I know there are tons of Europeans who use this word with every intent of harnessing the spirit of slavery. This is why it hits hard with blacks because people feel it in their spirit, and in their bones, that the tone in which some use it is a mere shadow, a reflection, of the generational racism in which many have been raised. Time doesn’t matter, there are still white people who are racist and they don’t want to admit it. I understand that. But not all of our white brothers and sisters are racist, we need to understand that too.

Everyone must be held accountable for their actions and the results they incur. If a slave is released from his chains and yet he stays in the same spot, then you cannot blame the slave master if the slave refuses to free himself. If you want other people to stop making mockery of you then show them a different you. I’m not saying bigotry is OK, for racism and discrimination has never left the fabric of America  and that is hard for some people to believe. But as for us, to be given something different you have to show something different. I don’t call my friends niggas and my girlfriends are not my bitches. In addition, I refer to my people as brothers and sisters unless they have otherwise shown me something different. I give respect to those I love and to people who have shown me respect.

When I said, in a recent post, “We will not be niggas too much longer, I meant that we will no longer exhibit wild and disobedient behavior; we will not rob and steal and oppress one another. The Pookies and Ray-Ray’s will rise to be the prophets and priests they were chosen to be and their names no longer associated with wildness but with the fear that is respect and the strength that comes along with it. That is what it means to no longer be niggas. Not that everyone will erase the N word from their vocabularies and racism will magically disappear.

I’ll end with this: a person cannot change his name if he wishes not to also change his actions. The whole purpose of name changes is to exhibit the characteristics of this new name, thereby becoming a new person. If you want to get rid of the “N Word”, you have to first get rid of the behavior associated with it and this cannot be done by always placing the blame on someone else. In the words of Carter G. Woodson:

“When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his proper place and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.”

– Carter G. Woodson, The Mis-Education of the Negro

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6 thoughts on “The “N Word”: A Wake-Up Call”

  1. The term, “Nigger”, is from when the newly arrived slaves were on the wharfs and moved along to auction. Dictionary term “Niggard”, look it up. It is the big pig-iron structure that ships tie rope onto,for securing the boat. The silluette, resembles the Kid & Play “Eraser” haircut with two things tha stick out like ears. I used to slap niggards with my hand and it stung terribly. Solid pig-iron from a foundry. Dense. So, when slaves would not move quick enough for the slavers, the “Cracker” would crack the whip, and sometimes the Doser (Dozer) would give a dose of the whip that couldkill a bull. The Cracker was not allowed to hit the slaves and damage what was to be auctioned. The slavers called the slaves, Niggers, because they thought the slaves were retarded. They were not retarded, they were in fear of their lives. They spoke a foreign language. They weren’t deaf but those people shouted, yelled, growled, at the slaves. The slaves were afraid. A wrong move could mean being whipped.
    The slaves, also, are the reason why, Christianity survived in America. The slaves, many, were baptized by a Catholic priest before the journey. They knew some would die, but what they left, famine, war, animals killing people, might have been worse. In time, Master, was not a righteous man. This is proven by the number of DNA passed from father to son, and today, many black men test Caucasian. Master was having a good-old-time with the house girls. Making more slaves if they were born black “colored”. A slave trying to self learn to read, got the only book in the house, and Master was busy and did not know it. The slave read and spoke in Gulla language (Gulla Island, South Carolina per the American Bible Society). Then other slaves wanted to “hear dem words”, and the slave opened the Holy Bible and read, “In the beginning, God created, the heavens and earth”. The printed word went into the slave’s eyes and the brain interpreted it. The lungs filled with air, and the vocal chords vibrated. The words came out, and the slaves around him heard. The word went into their ears and into their brain. They received the salvation of the Lord God Almighty. So, how was that, “the big sin”? Because, when a person receives the salvation of God, people can beat you. They can whip you. They can chain you. They can seperate you from your loved ones. BUT, they can never, ever, break you. It is impossible, to enslave a person more righteous than themselves, and the slaves, were righteous. Look at Bible Christians that are black, they tend to be more conservative. They work hard. They do not make excuses and do not except any alibis or excuses.
    All of this, is what was suppressed. For what blacks paid in blood and suffering to be Christian, I can never understand when any of them leave their faith.
    I makes people think. It may change lives for the better (hopefully). All of this from people considered dense, or deaf, or stupid, or beneath some high and mighty nobody of a slaver.
    I appologize if I bored you, or if it is something inappropriate for discussion. I am of Sicilian heritage and known as a White Nigger, because of my Mediterranean skin which turns deep bronze in the sun, darker than some black people. I used to work (I am retired) with black women that would laugh and hod their arm next to mine when I bronzed in the sun. They would laugh and laugh with pleasure. There were blacks in Italy, also. They were accepted as just somebody else. No drama. Many in positions of power would seek black mistresses as they were held as Bella Donna, the Beautiful Woman. I guess we all came out of Africa at some point in time.

    1. Indeed, I am familiar with the history. It is interesting that you mention that slaves is the reason Christianity survived in America, since everything we do tend to be mimicked by the world. Though I’d have to disagree that salvation came to them through Christianity since Islam and Christianity are two of the first religions given this people in the stripping of their natural heritage, as you have stated, they were baptized in Catholicism, but they did not come over here with it. It is interesting to note, that as foreigners in a strange land, blacks could not read and write English but this does not mean they knew nothing about the bible prior to being able to read it. This is a people who sang Negro spirituals that talked about the Old Testament. This is a people who sung about Moses crossing the red sea (wade in the water) and asked the chariots to swing low and carry them home (swing low sweet chariot). Songs such as these have deep biblical meaning that even the Church does not teach today. As such, we could not read and write English, but we did know about our History as a biblical people. Masa, for instance, contrary to popular belief was not a misinterpretation or broken attempt at the English word Master, it is actually a Hebrew word meaning “Burden or Oppressor”; we knew this because we knew we were a Hebrew people. Thanks for leaving a comment on the table and no, this is not boring at all, it is fruitful. Good day.

    1. Treat people the way you want to be treated indeed. You always get out what you put in. Though blacks are treated harshly rather they want to be or not. Thanks for leaving a comment on the table.

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