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Have you ever been tired of saying that you’re sorry? Can’t courage your way out of this weakness; can’t forklift this stain out of your chest; can’t shatter these words into dust, drive them to the deepest ocean and wave them goodbye. After all, demons are easy to kill, for they coward under the strength of your words, melt under the banner of your truth. But I am no superwoman, not yet anyway. The law of my tongue half written, a scorching painting left unfinished. But I’m sorry sounds like broken English too distorted to be deciphered, so the flesh of my skin crawls away from the filth of this apology. My knees are stitched against the backbone of my breast, my arms stapled around these, my head tucked tightly inside of me. I am twisted. What kind of forgiveness got me in this fetal position? At some point a change has got to come. I have not the time to keep traveling on repeat; the same old album forgetting to change it’s tune; a dangling sacrifice. The birth and death of me are these apologies; both the resurrection and artwork of my eulogy. I have just had enough of these wretched…. I’m sorry’s.

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I write Black Historical Fiction, Poetry, and Inspirational Non-Fiction for the Freedom of all People. Visit me on the web at

2 thoughts on “Sorry”

  1. It is such a simple word. Yet at times it’s the hardest word in the world to say. Sadly also to many of us go most of our lives without ever uttering the word. Such a simple word, a simple response that can give emormous closure, healing and resolution benefits. A simple word to make the world a more peaceful and better world to live in. A simple word that is also one of the most complicated. So complicated that it becomes all to hard for most of us to say it at all.


    1. Very true. Sorry is a simple word and a two edged sword. Sorry revolutionizes, transforming guilt into humility. It also means nothing for the person not willing to change their ways in spite of being sorry. One needs it to change and one needs not use it as an excuse not to change. Thanks for leaving a comment on the table.


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