Lamar Odom

It’s interesting that all you have to do is say something, to speak it and people believe it. No one ever fathoms what these celebrities go through or why they are suddenly struck. Yall think its just a coincidence that Derek Rose continues to get hurt but my question is: What is he refusing to do? And what does Odom mean in this video by “If it happens one more time I’m telling everything?” If WHAT happens one more time? Why is all this happening in October? Because you do know that Halloween is the evening of the Witches New Year…right? And why is every man in contact with the Kardashian’s destroyed? I’m just saying this kind of stuff is real. Witches are real, their spells are real, and their operations are real.  You think American Horror Story is gory but  truth is stranger than fiction. But then again, there is nothing made up about that show either. Just saying. I’ll be praying for brother Lamar because he married a witch. Laugh it off if you want.