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Good evening lovelies (depending on where you are) quick update:

As much as I don’t want to do this, I feel it is time to establish an official schedule to this blog. Well, kind of. I will still post when I want but there are certain special blog segments you may want to know about.

Mondays – Introduce Yourself: Introducing New Authors. Learn more Here

Wednesdays – No Whining Wednesday and Writer’s Wednesday. Click Here to learn more about No Whining Wednesdays.

Writer’s Wednesday is when I post a Chapter or excerpt from one of my books. Right now I am using this space for something new-ish. I started a story years ago and have not had it in me to finish so I am using Writer’s Wednesday as my motivation. I am sort of, blogging a book.  I will post a new chapter every other Wednesday (not every week). This week we are up for a new chapter so you may want to read chapters one and two  of The Men with Blue Eyes before Wednesday.

Click Here for Chapter One 

Click Here for Chapter Two

I don’t know what I am doing with it yet (maybe it can be a short story?) It’s a different direction than what you know me for. I am passionate about literary fiction, specifically African American Literature, but I actually dig Sci-Fi too! Right now I am just writing it for fun so be sure to tell me what works and what doesn’t. I don’t even know if I’ll publish it. This week I intend on incorporating more action for chapter three.

Thursdays – Throwback Thursday. I know, we didn’t have one last week! But I am most definitely making it up to you this week. On Throwback Thursdays I post Throwback music. I have three types: Throwback Thursday Old School (80s on back), 90s Throwback Thursday Jams (90s R&B….my fav!) and Throwback Thursday Millennial Edition I call Throwback Thursday 00s for early 2000 jams. I think we are up for a 90s Jam this week. I think. I’ll check.

Fridays Black History Fun Fact Friday, Movie Night Friday and Book Reviews. These segments are pretty self-explanatory.

On Fridays I publish book reviews (when they are ready), and write articles about Black History facts (I try to focus on as much little known history as I can). I also write movie reviews of some of my favorite movies on Fridays called Movie Night Friday.

We missed both of these last week but I’m back on it this week. I try to mix these up from silly movies to serious. I did a serious one last time so we’re up for something laid back this week. My purpose with Movie Night is to help you to get to know me better through the movies I watch.

Black History Fun Fact Friday and Movie Night Friday are also the oldest segments and have their own pages in the sidebar.

That’s it. Saturdays I am typically off and won’t blog at all. Some exceptions is when there are guest blog features of me that are posted. I will usually re-blog them to this blog and Sundays can be anything.

I try to make Tuesdays my day of articles on Indie Publishing. It is important to know that these are articles based on my own personal experiences and are not intended to be a right way or wrong way, just what works for me. I also admit to slowing down a lot with them. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here: applying what you know is better than talking about it. So, I’ve slowed on talking about my experiences for personal reasons but I won’t leave you hanging. I’ll publish a few articles when I can.

Though Tuesday’s is the day I mostly publish these kinds of posts, I would like to not limit this to any particular day so it’s not part of the schedule.

I also offer blog tips based on what has helped me to run this blog but again, I like to not limit this to any particular day.

What you are reading above are segments that always fall on those days. With only a few exceptions, I keep them going like clockwork. Anything else (poetry, etc) can all fall on any day.

Now, what shall I make for dinner? Hmmm.

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I write to restore Black Historical Truth for the freedom of all people. Visit me online at yecheilyahysrayl.com and @yecheilyah on IG and Twitter.

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