Why I Speak

Why I Speak

“We often forget that the current state of Black Americans is directly related to history.”

Black Then Staff

It is clear that we live in a system that is unfair and a civilization that is not just. I speak of these things not because I want to focus on the negative experience of blacks in America only. I speak of these things not because I’m a dark person who just wanna keep bringing up bad stuff. I speak of these things because we’ve become comfortable here in this land. We have been blinded from the truth as a people. We’ve forgotten that the constitution did not include us and that civilization for us is outside of this system. We’ve been tricked into believing that we are citizens in this land and that we have some kind of rights here. We’ve forgotten that when “All men were created equal” that didn’t include us. For what to the slave is the 4th of July?

You see we’ve forgotten where we’ve come from and as a result have no idea where we’re going. How can a slave pursue freedom when he thinks that he is already free? You see the black man does not exist. Black is a color, not a nation of people. Where is African American land? It does not exist. Africa and America are the combinings of two continents. There are over 50 countries in Africa, how then can “African” properly define a people? Which country in Africa are we talking about? African American is also therefore not a nation of people.

I speak because our roots stretch deeper than colors, bywords, proverbs, and mockeries that conceal true identities.  I speak because we forget that we were never part of this constitution. To amend. It means to alter, modify, and to revise. This document had to be revised, altered, and modified just to include you. No justice no peace, my people. It means that there’s no justice for you here and there’s no peace here either. This is the world we live in. We condemn the Confederate flag and we praise the American flag because we’ve been blinded to think there’s a difference between the two. They both drip with the blood of the saints.

We continue to march and to protest because we believe it will change things. How is it that we’ve gone from fighting for freedom to settling for Civil Rights? What is a civil right? What about human rights? So yes, I speak. I speak because we think we know slavery and we know nothing. I speak because we think we know freedom and we know nothing. I speak because we think we have rights and we have nothing. I speak because we think we know justice in a land that is anything but just.  Don’t matter who becomes president. It is the system that is broken and it is my responsibility to speak.

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Yecheilyah Ysrayl is an author, book blogger and poet of black historical fiction and poetry. She also writes inspirational nonfiction and urban fantasy. "I write to restore black historical truth for the freedom of all people." Visit her online at yecheilyahysrayl.com.

24 thoughts on “Why I Speak”

  1. “I speak because we think we know justice in a land that is anything but just. Don’t matter who becomes president. It is the system that is broken and it is my responsibility to speak.”

    Inspired, driven and absolutely true words. I may not be black of skin, or even “coloured” but I know about racism, and being second class. I know what you are saying even though by now I’ve become such a good chameleon that “they” think I’m one of them. I pass… because my skin is “white” – but my heart is with you.

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  2. You’re so right, black is a colour, red is a colour, white isn’t a colour! How can you be truly free as a Black American in a country where hatred, not only against your people but also against Hispanics and women, is running rampant thanks to an ignorant bigot who is running for the highest office? This hit home with me, a white boy, who hates injustice and will always shout out whenever I see it. Let’s hope others read it and feel as we do, love and peace my friend and let’s hope sense prevails for all our sakes xoxo

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      1. The only way we will ever have peace across this rock we call home is when everyone realises that we are all the same. Skin colour, sex and sexual preference aren’t important, what is important is realising we all have the same dreams (maybe different priorities). We all breathe the same air, look on the same sky and bleed red. Let’s take on the Trump and his cronies, defeat the jihadists and make this planet whole. We have to remove borders not enforce them, if we work together we can achieve so much.
        I say that we can learn together, achieve more together, move mountains together so let’s do this. As an aside, I can think of a terrific candidate to try out the first manned flight to Mars…

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        1. Personally, I’m not for Hillary or Trump. Both are against the biblical principles that govern my life and both are two wings of the same bird. The only way to truth and peace is through love. The Almighty Power is love and as the world has forgotten him and his laws, so the people enforce their own and the world is without order. No justice. No peace.

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          1. We need you and others like you to show love to all. I can’t help but feel Clinton is the lesser of two evils, why did we get to this though? Love will conquer all (except the loud empty vessels shouting for war). It’s written that empty vessels make the most noise and look at Trump, ’nuff said.


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