Writer’s Quote: Fear and Courage

I love this. Excellent words on courage and fear…yaasss.

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I know I write a lot about courage and fear, but it seems to me that these are the two main things holding us back (especially as writers). Fear is an insatiable thing- the more we feed and give into it, the more it craves. And as time goes on, we lose ourselves to it. Here is where courage comes into play. If there is one antidote for fear, then it is “courage”. The amazing part is, you don’t need a bucket load full of courage in order to defeat fear. No, all that is needed is a teeny weeny bit of pluck.

Whenever fear tries to sneak it’s way in as I’m about to make a decision, I remind myself- “the worst reply I can get is ‘no'” and at the end of the day, ‘No’ is neither going to beat me nor harm me- it’s just another…

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