3 thoughts on “Book Trailers

    1. Excellent. You are more than welcomed to check out my Author website for more info, but in short:

      The Stella Trilogy is a three part series of short stories I started last year that spans the course of three generations of a woman named Stella. The purpose was to explore more deeply, the concept of racism and discrimination, its origins and its dramatic effects on women and black people in general.

      In Book One, we are witness to Stella’s life as an enslaved woman. Book two is about her great granddaughter (whose name is also Stella) and her complex decision to pass for white and to raise her children as white. This Stella changes her name to Sidney McNair and lives her life as a white woman. In book three, we learn about Sidney’s son, Joseph, who has grown up white but carries a passion for blacks in America that is like fire shut up in his bones. He is so determined to do something for the plight of blacks that he is compelled to leave his mothers house and join his mixed raced friends on the road to discover this thing called freedom.



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