10 Free Ways to Support Renaissance


Support my work in one OR MORE of these ways:


  • Go to the book’s Amazon Page HERE and where it says ‘was this review helpful to you?’ Click on ‘yes’ to any four or five-star review that was helpful to you.


  • Join my ARC Team HERE for a free copy to read in exchange for an honest review (if you are feeling so obliged…you’ll also have access to more of my work as a member of the team).


  • Tweet this message:“The North turns out to be much more than Noraexpected.”@ahouseofpoetry  https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0692913440 #IndieBooksBeSeen #HistFic



  • Post this message to your Facebook Page: “The North turns out to be much more than Nora expected. Learn more in Book One of The Nora White Story by Yecheilyah Ysrayl. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0692913440


  • Post your honest review to Amazon if you’ve read it. Click Here to post.



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Eight Reasons Why Writers Should Use Twitter

Though I don’t have lots of followers, I happen to love Twitter. Probably too much lol. (@ahouseofpoetry) *Comments disabled here. Please respond to the original post*


If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I have more than 5,000 followers and frequently post throughout the day.

How frequently? Every two hours. But I do take a break between 10 pm and 8 am Eastern Time.

A typical tweet has a two-hour shelf-life. That’s not much. If you want to get your content noticed—whether you’ve written it yourself or you’re retweeting someone else—you need to tweet throughout the day.

TwitterBut why Twitter?

  1. If you’re active on Twitter, it will refer a ton of traffic to your blog and website. (Twitter is my #1 source of website traffic.)
  2. There’s a large community of Indie authors on Twitter who are willing to help you promote your book and form supportive alliances. Endeavor to meet other authors in your genre, share blog posts and promote each other on Twitter.
  3. Twitter will help you market your books.
  4. Twitter is where…

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6 Month Book Birthday Review Challenge – The Road to Freedom

I am sooo inspired by this post I just read! I also found it even more inspiring since I just published a post about reaching out and asking. Too bad I didn’t see this one until just now, I would have used it. Well, it’s either now or later. I’ll go ahead and use it now! First, here’s the link to the post. Check it out: 2 Easy Steps to A Massive Blog Tour

So following my recent post on asking. I’M ASKING FOR YOUR HELP. No, not a blog tour. More like a challenge.

I am trying to increase my number of book reviews on Amazon for The Road to Freedom – (Click Here to Learn What This Book Is About) in celebration of its 6 month birthday! The 3rd Book in the Stella Trilogy (also read as a standalone) was born on February 26, 2016. August 26th will make 6 months. In celebration, as I finish up the manuscript to my next book, I’d like to have a little fun. Right now I’m at the humble number of 8 Reviews. I am trying to at least make it to 15 which is just 7 reviews away! I know, I know, who am I? Well, nobody. But, like, you can help a nobody out right? Anyways, I have 3 Options for those who’d like to help:

Option #1:

Email ahouseofpoetry@gmail.com with the email header: Book Review Challenge Option 1.

Incentive: In response I’ll send you an e-copy of The Road to Freedom – Joseph’s Story AND the first Chapter to my upcoming novel, Renaissance which I have only released to my newsletter family.


That’s not all. Finish the book and write the review and I’ll send you a signed paperback copy with my special author seal (must have written and posted review before I send the paperback copy)


Time: Time is a valuable resource. For this reason, I am pleased to know it will not take up so much of your time to read this book. It’s only 65 pages long. Yea, you can read it in one day if you wanted to. That’s right, if you hate it I haven’t wasted much of your time. Though I seriously doubt you will ; ).

Deadline: I am asking for the reviews to be in no later than August 15th.

Serious Inquiries: I respect everyone’s time so I am asking for serious inquiries only. I have sent free e-copies of my book out before and I’ve never gotten a response back. Please only email me if you seriously want to read the book and are willing to provide an honest review. An honest review means you don’t have to like it, you just have to review it. The only true thing we have is our word. I don’t want to send my book to those who have no real intentions of helping me. If you are not interested in reviewing the book, please read on to the other options:

Option #2:

Can’t make my deadline? Not interested in reviewing the book? Interview me! Invite me as a guest on your blog and interview me about my writing process, Self-Publishing, Travel, Online / Offline Promo, whatever you want! Email ahouseofpoetry@gmail.com with the email header: Book Review Challenge – Option #2.

Option #3:

Yes! There is a 3rd Option. Not interested in Option 1 or 2? Mention me on Twitter! Don’t forget to follow me as well. I’ll follow you right back and RT your mention (This option is also open for those who have already reviewed the book). Just click the Tweet This Below:

Review Challenge: Check Out The Road to Freedom – Joseph’s Story by Yecheilyah @ahouseofpoetryTweet This

That’s it! That’s the challenge. Remember that you can participate using Options 1-3 if you want. Or use 1 and 3, or 1 and 2, whatever you like.


I am not sure if this will work, but I am excited. We shall see. Anndddd…..go! (LOL)