No One Talks About How Hard Faith Is (Nothing Worth Having is Easy)

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Nobody talks about how laborious faith is. How mentally challenging it is to wait for something that feels like it’s never going to come, and yet believe that it is still yours. To see without seeing. Seeing beyond sight. No one talks about the exhaustion that sometimes comes with seeing beauty where there is none. To begin again and not feel silly for surrendering to strength. To keep falling, and getting up again. Each time, being strong but feeling weak. Each time knowing that what is easy is not worth it and what is hard is worth everything. No one talks about what it’s like to hold onto hope, even as it’s slipping through your fingers. To faith-walk the staircase with no idea what’s at the top. To believe that you can see, even when you can’t. To believe you are not standing alone, even when you are. To foresight your way to the next step. To be future and present at the same time. To act according to what’s coming, and not just what is here. No one talks about the mental fortitude it takes to be patient and still and to see nothing and everything at the same time.

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6 thoughts on “No One Talks About How Hard Faith Is (Nothing Worth Having is Easy)”

    1. I get it, but that’s also the beauty of faith. Because it’s hard, we know that it’s worth it. I wrote this post because having faith in anything is no cake walk but rarely does anyone talk about how challenging it can be.

      You may be moving away from religion (outside the box!) but it doesn’t mean you can’t draw closer to Yah. Faith is bigger than religion. Faith is belief in ourselves too.

      I know its hard to hold onto belief in this world and it’s why I wrote this post. But I also know that while my own faith is tested at times, Yah himself is faithful and his hope is as certain as the morning.

      Stay encouraged.

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  1. I think no one talks about it because we’re all trying our best to get it right, when in fact we can’t – that’s partly why we need God. We are not gods but only human striving to be like the Lord, but never quite capable on purpose to remind us that we need that connection, to remind us that we are on this journey with Him, to remind us that God is the only one who can get it right and does get it right.


    1. I disagree but then again I’m not a Christian. I believe we can get it right as there are countless examples of people who perfected faith in the bible (see the entire chapter of Hebrews 11). Besides that, I find it interesting that everyone thinks I am talking about religion in this post because I mention faith.

      In truth, I wrote this post not because I think belief is impossible or that I am without faith, but to shine some light on how what is worthy is sometimes difficult. It doesn’t mean we give up because it’s difficult but it sure isn’t easy and that’s just the truth. What we do with this struggle is endure, even as we grapple with maintaining.

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