CAUTION: Black History Memes with False Information

There are tons of Black History memes circulating on the internet and this number has increased even more due to it being Black History Month. However, many of these memes are not historically accurate. Please be sure to double check your facts before sharing. (For example, it is not accurate to say that anyone born in the 19th, or 20th centuries invented heat. Heat has been around for far longer) Otherwise, you are guilty of spreading disinformation. All it takes is a quick Google search. Also, Wikipedia is not a credible source by itself. Anything acquired from Wiki need to be validated by other trusted sources. A good rule of thumb is to look for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles on .gov, .edu, or .org sites and trustworthy blogs. Peer-reviewed means information from a reputable source, information that indicates that other professionals have reviewed and deemed it worthy of publication. Black people have contributed greatly to the world so that we really don’t have to make stuff up. If you see a meme with a fun fact on it just open the internet on your phone and type the name or fact into the search bar. You can tell from there if the info is accurate or not. Sometimes it will even come up that the fact cannot be validated but is a popular opinion. Put those research skills to work and educate the people right.


9 thoughts on “CAUTION: Black History Memes with False Information

  1. Embracing black history or such topics might cause a stare among society more in countries like south Africa where by blacks are now getting privileges as a way of trying to rectify the past nonetheless not trying to cause contradiction this topics are part of history and needs to be told but in a careful way not rubbing in opposite race.


  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I am always trying to express to my Gen Z nieces and nephews about the importance of fact checking. Not everything that’s posted on the internet is true, so it’s important for us all to distinguish fact from fiction. (Quiet as it’s kept, ALL generations can use some structure in this department. I’ve seen quite a few adults give legs to a story that hasn’t been proven to be true, but hey, we live and we learn, lol.)

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