Poetry Contest: Emily Dickinson First Book Award, $10,000

Wow. Poets check it out! $10,000 Award Poetry contest. Being I’m not even 30, I can’t participate lol. Post Quote: “The award seeks to recognize an American poet who is at least 40 years old and who has never published a book-length collection of poetry.”

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Kristen Twardowski

The Poetry Foundation recently announced that it will once again be holding its Emily Dickinson First Book Award. Though the contest is held infrequently, it is a wonderful opportunity for poets. It also has several unusual restrictions. The award seeks to recognize an American poet who is at least 40 years old and who has never published a book-length collection of poetry.

The prize for this award is extraordinary. The winner will receive $10,000 as well as the publication and promotion of a book of poetry by Graywolf Press. In addition to having a stellar name, Graywolf Press has published some amazing works including Max Porter’s Grief is the Thing with Feathers, Elizabeth Alexander’s American Sublime, and Kevin Barry’s Dark Lies the Island. (The Press has an extensive list of award winning books.)

In order to be considered, contest entrants must submit a poetry manuscript between…

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3 Answers Every Blogger in the World Needs to Understand

Great tips on growing a blog before you dig in for the weekend: Post Quote:

“You have to read a lot of blogs. You have to comment on a lot of blogs. You have to click Like on a lot of blogs. You have to Follow a lot of blogs. You must have a mindset of working your blog page. If you make 1 or 2 posts per week and interact with no one, yet expect the waves of worshipers to pour in, then you are going to be disappointed.”

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Dream Big, Dream Often

blogexciteAre you interested in my thoughts on blogging and my answers to a few questions I was asked this past week?  Here are answers every blogger in the world needs to understand:

“Why does it seem that there are a lot of blogs with a couple thousand followers or less and then 10,000 followers or more?”

This past week I have received quite a few emails asking me about growing a blog and this particular question came up.  Apparently someone else has noticed this trend.  The truth is I’m not sure why this gap exists, but it has existed since I first started my blog in 2014.  I’ll be curious to read other’s opinions and thoughts on the matter.  I think part of it has to do with work ethic and devotion to craft.  Not to say the smaller blogs are not devoted.  What I mean is the larger blogs are…

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