Literary Korner Publishing Writer’s Workshop

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Self-Publishing is a long and hard journey. It starts off exciting and then you start to learn of all the work that goes into getting a book to actually sell. This information is often overwhelming and causes Self-Publishing to lose its flavor. In brief, it stops being fun. Writer’s cannot focus on that thing that matters most of all because they’re trying to sell their book. What is “that thing?” That thing is the story.

Over the years I’ve learned a valuable and often overlooked truth in regard to this field: Writing books is not about making money alone. Writing books is more about building relationships.

Independent Publishing has become an often lonely and stressful experience. This should not be. Writing is fun and it should stay fun. However, just because it’s fun does not mean it also has to be mediocre. Writing and publishing can be both exciting and professional. It is more than possible to produce top quality, well-written books that people want to read at low cost and without headache.

  • What if you could have step by step guidance and assistance during the publishing process?
  • What if you could access over 30 book cover designers with one click?
  • What if you had a list of Book Reviewers without searching hours for them?
  • What if you could research Indie Author News from one place?
  • What if you had news articles delivered to you that you didn’t have to search for so you can use your time doing what you do best, writing?
  • What if you had a place. No. Not a place, a community. What if you had a community of people who are ready to advance read your book, promote your book, and critique your book? What if you had…. a team? What if there was a place you could go that provides step by step guidance and support with the basics in your publishing journey? Furthermore, what if I told you that such a place is closer to being a reality than you think?

Introducing LK Pub Writer’s Workshop


Literary Korner Publishing Writer’s Workshop is a community of writers and aspiring writers dedicated to producing the highest quality service possible. To achieve our goals, we’ve scraped the web for the most helpful articles, the most talented editors, and book reviewers, and the most eye-catching book cover designers around. Likewise, we’re looking for the most talented Independent writers around. Indie Authors who are dedicated and passionate about working hard and producing excellence.

The workshop is designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of Self-Publishing concepts and possibilities, impart practical development skills, assist in basic social media marketing and book promotion, and point out the important role self-publishers play in the book publishing business today. Such an understanding is valuable for amateur writers, writers who are technologically deficient, and entrepreneurs. This workshop utilizes a variety of resources to assist in this understanding, from Indie Author News, to over 30 different sources for book cover design.



The purpose of Literary Korner Publishing Writer’s Workshop is to nurture the skills of Indie Authors and Aspiring Authors by providing industry-level knowledge and Self-Publishing Tips. My goal is to help both newbie and seasoned authors to produce their best quality work at the highest levels of professionalism.

“I come as one. I stand as ten thousand.” – Maya Angelou

I’m starting this group to help expand the knowledge of Self-Publishing in a community where we can help each other to grow. A community where there are no big I’s and little you’s. A community where one or two people are not placed in priority over another. A community dedicated to a privileged group of writers who are serious about taking their books to the next level.


  • Understand Self-Publishing as a business, not just a hobby
  • Build your book rather than just write it—and copyright in your name
  • Print small quantity and keep small inventory
  • Multipurpose your book into downloadable, CD, e-book versions
  • Bypass publishers and go directly to short run book print
  • Set-up your own publishing company
  • Promote via e-mail, book blog interviews, autobiography’s, feature articles, start a blog, blog tours, radio/TV interviews, and promote at virtually $0 via social media

Workshop Incentives – As a member of this workshop, you will have access to:

  • Indie Author News
  • Book Reviewers
  • Editors
  • Book Cover Designers
  • Exclusive Indie Tips
  • Bookworms
  • Promo Addicts
  • Official Workshop Badges
  • Online Chat
  • Social Media Database
  • Newsletter

*The memerbship part of the website is not open at this time. It opens when we officially launch.*


This is an invitation only workshop designed to assist serious authors only.

Member – Membership is for serious writers who would like to spend their time writing knowing that when it is time to publish, there’s a place with the resources that they need. No longer does writing need to be stressful. Let us put the fun back in writing!

To apply for membership, please visit the Membership Application form here.

Partnership – Partners are individuals who have certain special skills that can be used in the workshop. Examples of individuals who qualify as partners are: Book Reviewers, Beta Readers, Editors, Book Cover Designers, and Book Promoters.

To apply as a Partner, please visit the Partnership Application form here.

This is an invitation only workshop so if you’re interested please apply at your earliest convenience to increase your chances of being accepted when the workshop is launched. The official launch of this workshop is not until 2017. Exact date pending. Right now we’re gauging interest. The sooner you sign up, the sooner we can set an official launch date.

Disclaimer: You do not “work” for me. The LK Pub Writer’s Workshop acts as a resource center to assist Independent Authors in their journey. By adding your service to my website, you make your service available to those who are interested in investing in YOU. I will require a photo and 3-5 sentences about you, your product or service and a link to your website or blog. This information will then be added to the site. By clicking on the link to your service it will take authors to YOUR website or blog where they will correspond with you on YOUR terms. This is why you are called partners, not employees. You’re partnering with me to assist The Indie Author Community in a major way.

I won’t keep you, but thanks so much for your time! If you are interested in joining this Indie Author Community where you have access to everything you need to Self-Publish your book, I am currently accepting membership and partner applications.

Apply Now to Support this Vision and to Bring this Workshop to Life!

Apply at






Founder, Literary Korner Publishing
LK Pub. Writers Workshop

*Don’t Forget. Join Me LIVE later today @ 12:30PM CST (1:30 EDT) on The Magic Happens Radio! Learn more about the workshop and some other nuggets and tidbits.*


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    1. There’s a minimum $5.00 monthly fee processed as a recurring payment via PayPal for membership. This is to help maintain our website. Workshops like these are far and in between because of the financial obligation to keep them running. As we grow, we can acquire the assistance we need to make it fee-free.

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