How To Choose Ebook Promotion Sites Worth Your Money.

Excellent bullet points. I especially like the point about how many books go out in each email. Lots of promo sites promise promoting to a large email list. Sounds good to have your book pushed to 55,000, but depending on the number of authors whose books are promoted in that same list, your book may not even be seen! I am still seeking to grow mine, but I also enjoy my small list. I know that the books I review and promote (I highly promote the books that I review) are actually being seen and not drowned out. Sometimes, less is more.

Holly Evans

How To Choose Ebook Promotion Sites Worth Your Money.

So you’ve published your ebook and now you want to give it a boost and reach a wider audience – you start looking at paid promotional sites such as Bookbub. Unfortunately not all promotional sites are equal. Don’t fear, I’m here to help you fight your way through the quagmire and get the most sales for your money.

What To Look For In Ebook Promotion Sites.

How easy is it to sign up for the mailing list as a reader?

When you first go to the website in question, how easy is it for you as a reader to sign up the mailing list? Is there a nice big clear button right there for you to click? Or do you have to dig around and find it?

If you have to click around and find it, then the chances are far lower that people will put in the time and…

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SCAM ALERT!!! Many of you who are familiar with my blog know that I have tried writing for My Trending Stories, Yes, I went for it. I was very suspicious of them but wanted to see for myself. I was foolish but not that foolish! I only uploaded articles that you can already find on my blog . However, I went to delete an article earlier and couldn’t delete it! I then went in and erased all of my articles so that even if someone wanted to click on them they’ll only see a picture, no article. I am glad that Jason posted this, it is my second confirmation today and I am sharing this to help others who are victims of scam blog sites who only want to monetize on someone elses work. You may laugh but oh well, you live and you learn. I’m just happy I was smart enough not to upload anything important. My plan was to try it for myself and see. Now I know. Lesson learned.