Before The Week Ends: Book Review Registry


Before the week ends, I’d like to inform my Authors reading that I have set up an online Book Review Registry to make it easier for you to sign your books up for a review. Book reviews are free. The readers fee doesn’t kick in until October 3rd so if $20 is not something you would like to pay in exchange for an honest review (completely understandable. I’m not trying to get rich or anything) you can always sign up NOW while there are no fees. I have decided to charge a fee only to cover time. I love reading, I love writing, and I love promoting authors. Unfortunately,  my time would not allow me to do it as often as I’d like. The little time I do have require me to be as organized as possible to ensure I’ll get them done. I don’t want to promise anyone anything I can’t deliver on. My last book review showed me just how tight my time is and I barely met the authors deadline. Anywho, go ahead and register your book at the link below and thank you in advance for your support:

“It takes a minimum of 5 Amazon reviews and an average 3.5 rating to really start to see changes in book sales for Indie Authors.” – EC