Sugar Coated and Springtime

They get tired of hearing it
Ain’t nobody got to say it
But I know they get tired
Tired of these distractions
in brown colored skin
waking up from valley’s with
muscles and tendons all conscious like
Uncovering the blood on the American Flag
and intoxicated with
unraveling the color of bigotry on beautiful glass
smeared fingerprints
and falling stars like
why they keep sitting in?
between our comfort and a hard place
this be some kinda hard place
for brown colored skin in the spring time
Strange fruit popping up again on trees
Nina ain’t here to sing us a song
After nearly 400 years
lullabies just don’t work no more
Tired of these guns accidentally going off
somewhere in my purse
somewhere in my womb
somewhere in my future between lip stick and foundation
I got to warn my sons
about accidental guns
generational homicide got me on my knees
praying the badge ain’t got his name on it
In the words of Camonghne Felix:
“If we’re going to attend history, we might as well be accurate about it”
will I be left
with the fragmented pieces of my husband’s shoes

between our front porch and the living room floor
will my kiss linger long enough to bring him home tonight
or will I suffer a widow’s fate of mistaken identity
After all
These brown, tan, bronze, and mahogany colored skins
all do look the same
don’t they?
I’m afraid for your guns
they don’t seem to know the difference between friend and foe
or maybe they do
funny how bullets be mistaken themselves for judges
that ain’t got names on it
they say a gun
ain’t got a name on it
why they sugar coating it?
Cuz peoples get tired of hearing about all this black
All this oppression
All these curses
All this power like
why we won’t pour sugar on top these bodies?
Get ‘em up out the street
don’t want our bullets to get stirred up you know
getting up out of beds
loading themselves into chambers
and taking walks at night
in the afternoon
and especially in the morning
when it’s springtime

15 thoughts on “Sugar Coated and Springtime

  1. I turned on my sound system this morning, put in on random play and the haunting voice of Sam Cooke swept over me, singing ‘I was born by the river, in a little tent and just like the river, I’ve been running ever since…’ , you know the song and you wonder, is it true, anymore, ‘cos it’s been a long, long time coming’

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              1. unfortunately, again. This communication is useful. I’m writing a short story based on the Wednesday Writer’s Quote prompt, which, this week is ‘Fantasy.’ I’ve never written science fiction, but I’m basing this story on David Bowie’s Starman.

                Liked by 1 person

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