Why Do People Think Black History Starts With Slavery and Ends With MLK?

Black History: Special Delivery!!

Dr. Jane Landers is a History professor at Vanderbilt University who has done extesnive research into the presence of Africans in the Americas that predates the antebellum south or British colonization efforts of the 1500’s.  Her work is fascinating paints a very different picture than what most of us have been taught in school.  For many of us we encapsulate black history as starting with slavery and ending with MLK. In this short video, she shares some fascinating history and little known facts about the history of Africans in the Americas!

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Love Poem


Wanted to jump into memory
and photograph pieces
of your smile
the only cracks worth seeing
on someone’s face
Didn’t know dimples ran deeper than wells
but every time you chuckled
my nerves melted underneath my skin
Is this
Is it real?
Could the pull of the wind
be the yearning for your laughter?
That always fell like diamonds at the base of my feet
Could someone tell me how a poor woman
becomes rich again?
For I knelt before history
and shackled your existence to my future
and when you laughed
The moon was missing that night
cuz I held it in your gaze
And the sun dripped hot from the gaps in my fingers
Cupped your chin gently against my palms
And when we kissed
Heaven cracked open its skies
and thunder praised our union

You Are Where You Are

You get what you deserve in life. As much as we complain and whine about why we don’t have and why we should, we never stop to understand that we are all where we’re supposed to be. If you have something great it is because you’ve earned it. And if for whatever reason you are not where you want to be, it is because that place is not ready for your presence or you do not deserve to be there at this time.

A five year old is not mentally or physically capable of handling a dangerous weapon. You will not give a gun or a sharp knife into his hands because he will think that it’s a toy. But here’s the thing: this does not mean he does not deserve to have it. He is not to be given this now because he is not mentally capable of handling it. Only when this five year old is an adult and is ready to be trained in how to properly handle dangerous weapons and obtain the proper certifications, should he be allowed to embark on what is his. Perhaps his destiny is to be an officer, trainer, or a merchant of ammunition. Nevertheless, right now he is where he is supposed to be. That is learning the importance of safety and the value of life. As a five year old, the only thing he has to look forward to now is increasing his understanding of the world around him and when he’s ready, he will be where he’s supposed to be. You are where you are for whatever reason. Perhaps things are not falling apart, perhaps they are just falling into place. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.