Something on my Skin


dip me in chocolate covered rhyme
like the color of my skin
wrap me in silk and I’ll bleed blue like the waves
a rushing coming of hyperbole
overflowing the levees of thought,
a young woman once drowning now lives on the shores of truth
sweating similes from her pores
a fresh coat of passion that shines something like peace
can I scorch you with radiance?
breathing inspiration like oxygen
playing compassion and smoking lyric
sipping on rhythm slow like the stride of a black man
the crackling compasses beneath his footsteps
clutching couplets like purses confused
by the uncertainty of his smile
the sugarcoated twinkle in his eyes
or the question mark in her walk
her hips sway
like six children, no man, and give up
but I got this mouth full of simile
this fist full of irony
this paradox shaped voice in my throat
a delicate coating of poetry to wash away the broken
so let me coco butter your heart into the palms of my hands
Vaseline your ashy into symbol and together
we’ll bind the broken wings of peanut butter,
and vanilla
and milky way,
and dark covered freedoms
like the colors of poetry
on my skin


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