Keeping Your Word


There is really no excuse for how late I am on some of my book reviews, but I hold my integrity near and dear and always set out to keep my word. That said I am scheduling some time next week to fulfill all of the reviews I have promised some of you. I ask for your sincere apologies and I thank you so much for your patience.

In other news, if nothing else always set out to do what you have said that you will. There is nothing more discerning of true love and support than to fulfill your word.

OK now, about this American Horror Story Episode about to come on tho…



You wouldn’t know it from the color of the sky, the not so barren trees, or the way the sun kisses the ground but the wind is a reminder that frost does not need to edge the tops of buildings for the temperature to drop. The heat from the computer modem down at my feet warms my naked toes before the blanket of caffeine engulfs my throat. It has never been so refreshing than to drink coffee or tea in the winter time. Nonetheless, I sit here in the slightly dimmed bedroom I have turned into a second office of which the bed is left purposely unattended, almost as if someone is hiding out in there. The shape of my body left lingering in the curve of its back, sheets curled into itself, and pillows lodged one on top the other that I may return shortly and pull the covers up to my eyeballs. No, it’s not that cold, I just like to do that. My white walls makes the room look tan against the darkness and splash of yellow from the lamp. I love the way the colors blend to mimic the natural earth tone of browns and oranges. The lamp produces just enough light with its small and modest stares. As the cable modem and computer compete simultaneously to produce the greatest hum (have you ever sat back and noticed how loud electronics are?) the truth is that I’m sitting here thinking about the transition of creative thought to production. Obviously my mind is in a creative mood and I wonder how it slips from my thoughts to electronic ink on a page. Is it blue ocean waves overflowing into the shapes of words; is it strung along by string from my heart and stitched into white paper; are these words a mere thread of my consciousness, a spiritual  essence poured out only to be confined and restricted to the tangible platform that binds them. It is an intriguing transition. That process of being filled to the brim, only to drip mere inklings of thought from black colored ink, and fire coated passion, on white paper.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday + Three Day Quote Challenge Day #3

Hello there loves, this Writer’s Quote Wednesday I will be combining WQW with the final day of my Special Three Day Quote Challenge. Special thank you again to Roo for nominating me for the challenge. I hope you don’t mind my special twist on the initial challenge :).

I hope that my quotes these past days have been an inspiration and a strength to you. Since Writer’s Quote Wednesday is the last day of this challenge for me, I will combine this challenge with that weekly prompt so as not to overwhelm you with quotes.

I will also not explain the quotes as usual. Instead, I want to know what you think of the quote. What comes to your mind, how would you interpret it and all that good stuff. OK, we ready? Here we go.

Quote #3 Day #3 + WQW:


For this final 3 day special challenge, in which I have featured my own quotes, I challenge Yinglan for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. You can choose to participate and follow the traditional rules, my rules, or not participate at all. It’s completely up to you.

Special Challenge Rules:

1. Post three consecutive days.

2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.

3. Challenge ONE different blogger per day.

As for the rest of you, what do you think my quote means?

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Information Dumping In Writing

“It has to be very relevant to your protagonists experiences. If it’s nice to have, but doesn’t actually move the story on, you just have to cut it, you don’t need it. The dreaded info dump slows the pace of a story so much and bores the reader to tears, or even worse, closing the book and falling asleep. You can be sure they won’t pick it up when they wake. Info dumps show you know a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t make for a good story. Decide what you absolutely need to set the scene, give your hero their incentive to act, and drip feed it throughout the story as you need it, not all at once.”

– Author Ali Isaac

I love this advice. My favorite part is: “..drip feed it throughout the story as you need it…”