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So I’m releasing my baby to the world at last! Two years and a lot of hardwork, sweat and tears have got me here and now I’m looking for reviews on Goodreads and (when the time comes) Amazon! ☺️

So if you love YA fantasy and would like to read and review Creeping Shadow (The Rise of Isaac, #1) before anyone else please comment below with your email address and prefered file format (epub / pdf) or email me directly at

Creeping Shadow will be released 10th December 2015 on Amazon Kindle.

Here’s the cover and blurb:

A man waits in Vale, a world void of humanity.

A mother vanishes, her disappearance concealed by the police.

A girl collapses, black magic invading her blood.

And a boy linked to them all must fight to save his family.

Earth is just one of seven worlds. Gateways divide the realms and…

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Interracial Blog Feature – Interview Reminder for 10/15/2015


Hey guys,

Just want to remind you to join me tomorrow for another interview on the topic of Interracial Relationships. As you know, for the rest of this month I will be posting interviews I have conducted with some individuals on their thoughts on the topic of Interracial Marriages and the role race plays in relationships in general. This feature was inspired by the release of book two in my Stella Trilogy, “Beyond The Colored Line” this summer and will post every Thursday. Join me tomorrow at 8:00a CST to meet a good friend of mine and fellow WordPress blogger. You don’t want to miss this one!

In Case You Missed It:

Click Here to read last weeks Interview.

Personify Your Posts


I actually wrote this post last night, though I did not have the time to post it. As the night welcomed us into another day, the sun lowering itself deeper into the bowels of the skies and the moon resurrecting into a position perfect enough to shine its light on the Earth, I was encouraged to write a post for you to ponder. As the brisk winds happily leap at the opportunity to shine now that fall is upon us, ripping through the air and causing us to turn up the heat and crawl underneath the covers, I want to remind you to personify your posts. 

When I blog, I try to notice what attracts me to other blogs. I understand part of the process is not just to push the publish button but to notice my behavior as a reader as well so that it may assist me in my own blogging endeavors. For instance, I’ve heard somewhere (don’t ask me where) that if you pay attention to how you purchase books or even read them, this can help you to sell them. As a reader, you know what attracts people and what doesn’t. So one thing in particular that draws me to other blogs are the ones that are written by people who indeed appear to be just that—people. Bloggers whose content is not so author or blogger expert certified that they lose sight of that personal connection.  Sometimes we can get lost in all the technical glitches, all of the electrical waves that make up the World Wide Web and we forget that our readership is made up of flesh and blood. They are people with lives outside of the internet and have a wide range of experience and expertise.


When you share your experiences combined with your characteristics and therefore a human persona, it makes others interested in what you have to say. Your point of view can make them laugh, cry, and maybe even irritated or angry but it’s yours to exemplify. Whatever the message, if it builds upon a human foundation, I think it can help us to become better bloggers because our audience can participate with us. They can grow with us and actually become part of the process. This I have decided to embark on myself actually, to try to engage my readers more so that they feel part of the blog which means taking part in my life not that of the computer. It does not require you get too personal, but it requires you to get personal enough. You don’t have to air your dirty laundry, but you do have to be able to relate to people on some level no matter what the goal is for your blog. It is not to compromise who you are as an individual, but to step outside of your comfort zone and actually write for a readership because there are actually people reading your blog.

So make us feel like you really are that crazy friend down the street, or that know-it-all around the corner. We don’t have to agree with your perspective, but do you have one? Do we know that underneath all those blog posts there’s someone over there named Bob. He has five children that run him crazy and a nagging wife. Or maybe you’re a 23 year old named Tanya with a college professor who spits when he talks. Yea, gross us out, make us laugh, cause a discussion that makes us tear at each others throats, (or hug each others throats) but keep it real. Keep it truth. Most of all, share some of your experiences while striving to reach your blogging goals; show us why we should care.

A personality has to do with individual differences among people in behavior patterns, cognition and emotion. So attempt not to simply push a book or an agenda. Even while spreading truth you must be a fisherman of men. Meaning that you must strive to reach people where they are. Sure you may be in a good place now but you wasn’t always here. Perhaps you can share with us how you got here. What made you want to blog? How is blogging effecting your writing style? Life? Are you married? Do you have children? What’s new in your life right now? I mean, besides your new book and the fact that your a totally awesome blogger? Personify your posts so that we get to know a little bit more about the human behind the keyboard.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Getting Naked


Put your stones back in your pocket, there’s nothing freaky going on here. Minds out the gutters please. Great, now we can begin.

For today’s episode of Writer’s Quote Wednesday, Colleen has asked us to appreciate a few poets. Initially, I was going to share something from Melvin B. Tolson but I have instead chosen this one from Nikki Giovanni for a few reasons:


The reason I went with this quote is because I look for quotes that instantly speak to me. This is when I know I have selected the appropriate one for the week. So anyway, as soon as I read this quote I was put into the mind of poetry. Nakedness reminds me of writing poetry because to write poems is to do so in a way that communicates, that bridges gaps, and that builds and to do this properly, at least in my opinion, is to get naked. By getting naked I just mean to be transparent. It is to strip yourself down to complete humility so that you can share poems that actually speak to people. Sometimes poems seem so extremely personal that it seems like it’s too much, an over share if you will. And while I will never tell you to just tell all your business, I will say that if you enjoy poetry you will hear some pretty personal stuff. It’s the poets’ way of getting naked because the fact of the matter is that transparency speaks. You don’t necessarily have to be all deep in the over intellectualized kind of way no, but poets should have something to say that will help others to cling onto that testimony like a bond. This is why poetry is so emotionally charged because people will always be able to relate to the real and poetry is that real. Good poetry is the whole experience. It’s the taste, the touch, the sight, and the feel.

About the Author:

nikki-giovanniBorn Yolande Cornelia on June 7, 1943, Nikki Giovanni is a writer, commentator, activist, and educator. One of the world’s most well-known African American poets, her work includes poetry anthologies, poetry recordings, and nonfiction essays, and covers topics ranging from race and social issues to children’s literature. She has won numerous awards, including the Langston Hughes Medal, the NAACP Image Award, and has been nominated for a Grammy Award for her Nikki Giovanni Poetry Collection. – Wikipedia



“Maybe I’ll use poetry to C-Section my insides
I’ve got to have some kinda gut
to stand up here and strip for you”- Yecheilyah