When Inspiration Comes


I thought of you this morning and knew that you would come. I thought to write about you then, but I tend to learn all too late that there is a time and place even for thoughts; a succession of images and ideas, some brighter than the others. Some wait patiently for me to notice the size and shape of their existence, while others show up between the colors of rainbows after the rain. Shiny pieces of ambition threatening to either cut or spark curiosity amidst the heart, causing it to act. Action, it is what I demand of these visions both beautiful and stubborn alike. They must all remember that while I love them, dreams and realities are opposites and only action makes them whole. Offer me not death on a silver platter, champagne taste against beer breath. The motivation to be inspired, it always comes at a price. In what way will I choose to spend this currency of influence now upon me? These fragile ideas of ours, this soaring hope, it must be handled carefully. Dare I let the concept of failure steal away my beating heart? When the inspiration comes, I know that it will either bend or break at my command, which will I choose?

Book Release Trivia Day! *Final Trivia Post*


OK Everyone, I want to thank those of you who have participated so far today and who have taken the opportunity to support my work. I have personally had fun and I am really enjoying giving away these prizes to you beautiful people. I have decided to put a poll up on the Static Page of this blog with the last Trivia Question. I am leaving this up on the front page for this week only (8/24 – 8/31) The winning prizes are…


But first, thank you all so much for playing and hanging out with me. As we close out, I will be posting my author website for the final time this afternoon along with the links to the eBook retailers. I have no intentions of stalking your emails but this is Launch Day and all, and thus my shameless self promo is warranted (smiles), but your support is sincerely appreciated. To all of our winners so far, please give me 5 – 7 business days to ship your prizes.

The winners of the question on the front page will receive a Free Copy of Stella Book #2 and a matching bookmark. I will also sign it. As a program note: those of you who buy a paperback version of the book will receive a free bookmark.

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Thanks again.

Book Release Trivia Day! Post #5 *FOLLOW-UP*


OK, so its been about two hours since our last game and no one answered the question, no worries! I’m going to push that one down the line for our Grand Slam. Here’s an easier one:

Stella’s life takes place during many historical events, one of which being the depression. Although the United States had experienced several depressions before the stock market crash on October 27, 1929, none had been as severe. How long did this Great Depression last?

a. 5 years

b. 20 years

c. 10 years

d. None of the Above

This is for a Free Paperback of the book people! Not an eBook! A hard-copy! And if your nice, I’ll sign it. You have to be nice though. First 3 answers win. Hurry!

Book Release Trivia Day! Post #4 *GAME TIME: Hunger Games*


GAME TIME! Who’s ready? Here we go:

Hunger Games: Its Lunch Time! Be the first to answer this question correctly and win a Free Copy of Stella!

I am taking the first 3 correct answers this time! That’s right, 3 people have a chance to win this prize. AND, to make sure you keep your place and all, I am throwing in 3 matching Stella Bookmarks! So here goes:

On Sunday’s Stella’s mom Judith cooks a feast of a dinner. Which of these foods according to your best guess was NOT on the dinner table? This is easy if you’ve been paying attention to me :).

a. Brim and Crappy
b. Spaghetti and Meatballs
c. Fried Chicken and Macaroni
d. Greens, Neck-bones and Cornbread

Meanwhile, I’m gonna grab some lunch. Listen to this throwback from the movie Soul Food and I will be back with the answer! Love ya mama’s for cooking all those delicious meals!

Winners announced soon! This is for a FREE Copy of the book. Hurry! Comment your answer below.

Book Release Trivia Day! Post #3 *WINNERS ANNOUNCED*


Congratulations to the following for answering our first Trivia question correctly:

Annette Rochelle Aben!

Annette is so supportive! Please send your mailing address to: ahouseofpoetry@gmail.com for your Free Coffee Mug! Whoop!

We still have ONE MORE COFFEE MUG left and other FREE prizes!

Stay Tuned For the Next Trivia Question! In the meantime, dance to the music, it’s launch day!

Be sure to visit these links while you listen, Stella Book #2 is available now!


Amazon Kindle

Apple iBookstore




Google Play

*2nd Game Coming up! You don’t want to miss this prize!*

Book Release Trivia Day! Post #2 *GAME TIME*

7424465-120875522_1-v1Yall ready? Here we go:

GAME #1:

Fresh Cup: Since it’s still early, the name of this game is Fresh Cup. Sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea with Stella by winning a Free Coffee Mug when you answer this question correctly. I will take the first 2 commenters to this post:


Stella’s life takes place during the Jim Crow Laws that forbade African American’s from doing certain things. Name at least two of the things blacks couldn’t do during this time.

*First 2 Answers*

(Winners announced soon…….hurry!)

Mama Put a Curse on Me, by Stella May


Mama put a curse on me

When she gave me that name

Attaching history to my skin

When she knew it had stains on it

Though her eyes were green

She acted like her skin was brown

And teleported her daughter back to slavery

What kind of name is Stella anyway?

It don’t hardly go with my skin

And mama’s either.

But she tryna be something she ain’t

And I’m just tryna be something I am

You see, there’s a stigma that comes

With the color of history

Being white

And yet being colored

Race wars always concerned these two groups of people

and there ain’t seemed to be much room for a mulatto

So you see

Mama put a curse on me

When she named me Stella

After my great-grandmother

A slave on Paul Saddlers plantation

And his daughter too

So as to escape slavery

I think I’ll just opt out this race

And considers myself white

Maybe even change my name

And pitch my tent somewhere

Beyond the Colored Line


Stella Book #2: Beyond The Colored Line. Now Avail.