Reaching Out

“I turn inside for motivation even on days where my hand grasps the emptiness of human concern.” – JC

One Week to Go!


OK people, we have only one week before we go Beyond The Colored Line, so what are we doing about it? I’m not sure. I have been pondering how to culminate to Launch Day and I’m not exactly sure what I want to do. So I’m asking for your help. Below is a multiple choice questionnaire for you to help me decide what to do by telling me what sounds like the most fun. This will only work if everyone participates. I will be making a decision based on the poll no later than Wednesday. That gives everyone a little over two days to vote. The book comes out next Monday. Should I:

a). Hold a 3 Day Giveaway (8/19 Wed-8/21 Fri)

b). Hold a 1 Day Giveaway the day of Launch (8/24)

c). Create a Contest with one grand prize winner announced on Launch Day

d). A and C

Please use this form to submit your answers. I will respond by launching the winning letter Wednesday. If for any reason you have trouble with the form just hit my email directly at


Ten Seconds to Stand

Painting Copyright ©Tim Okamura
Painting Copyright ©Tim Okamura

You stand an awkward 5’3, and barely 140lbs to this 10ft over 300 lb. monster of a circumstance. Your back is against the rope. Body leaning, and tumbling over an agonizing blow to the face, body, and jaw until finally you topple. Come crashing down a lifeless breath of humiliation and shame. Through bloody and blurred eyes you see the referee coming, a glint of mercy. Here comes the slow count. You have fallen down. You have been defeated. You have been humiliated and you’ve got 10 seconds to stand back on your feet. Yes, only 10. You have been knocked out cold by life and mercy isn’t as tall nor does he appear to be as strong as this circumstance, and yet here he is. This tiny stature of a man, who doesn’t seem to know the taste of the ground or the enticing sound of “Give Up” but he is here. Approaching your situation with iron style arms and a dove for a face. What will be your decision? There’s only ten seconds to make one. Will you stand?

Couch Convos w/ Lisa W. Tetting featuring Author Yecheilyah Ysrayl

My Author Interview with the beautiful Lisa Tetting.

Lisa W. Tetting

couch convos (1)

Welcome to another edition of Couch Convos with your girl, Lisa W. Tetting. Today we have a special treat for you. Author Yecheilyah Ysrayl, aka EC, joins us to talk about her short story trilogy, Stella. It is a unique take on racism, slavery and provides a history lesson we all need to learn.

Part I

LWT: Welcome EC, let’s get started. What was your inspiration behind Stella?

YY: “Well, I used to teach third and fourth grade creative writing as part of a Home School program and we studied black literature a lot. In that process, Stella was conceived during an assignment I’d given my students on writing about that era, about slavery and discrimination. I always seek to be an example, especially to children, so I occasionally participated in these assignments to show my students that we were in this together and if I could do…

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