Watering Seeds: Nurturing Ideas


“You win some. You lose some. But you live, you live to fight another day.”

The famous quote from the movie Friday is true to life. As I was reflecting yesterday, I thought about the inevitable failures we encounter on our journeys to success. When I say success I do not necessarily mean the house on the hill. I mean success as defined by whatever we choose to define it by. For some success may be getting out of bed today, for others it may be writing a blog post. However you define success in your life is a personal decision and reaching that goal is your gift. The good thing about failure is that it strengthens us and teaches us what we should not do. It is kind of like conviction, that beast that always let’s us know when we’re wrong. I also thought, however, about ways we can help decrease our chances of walking into failures when it comes to our businesses and even our blogs. As I thought about this, I thought about Louisiana’s triple digit heat and, consequently, how we should keep our ideas nurtured just as we keep our flower beds so that they may grow to produce the kind of fruit (success) we’re looking for.

I’m really bad at this because I happen to have lots of ideas floating around in my head and I get so excited about them that I do not always take my time and it is to my detriment. My creative mind is always on the go, slipping and sliding around and trying to force its way into existence. Sometimes it’s a really bad idea and sometimes its a valuable idea. Either way, if I’ve learned anything about making mistakes and avoiding stumbling blocks its the power of patience and nurturing ideas before promoting them. Sometimes we have something really good and promising but because we have not taken the time to get to know that thing it does not grow into the full manifestation of it’s potential.

Promoting these ideas when they have not been completely nurtured can lead to great mistakes that could have otherwise been avoided. The same can be true of blogs. Be patient with yourself. Some blog posts have really great potential, but the idea for the post had not been nurtured or groomed in any way before pressing the publish button and that really good blog post idea never could reach its full potential. How much time have you spent drafting the post? Did you proofread it? How relevant is the topic in relation to your blogs purpose? All of these questions can be asked prior to publishing to prepare us to reach the readers that we intend to reach. In short, it is always best to wait and to water these seeds (ideas) so that they can bring forward the right kind of food. Otherwise, being impatient with our ideas will only leverage it’s chances of failing.