Nice. This the kind of writing that makes me want to write a poem, yesss. Excellent. Love the Imagery.

#Ronovan Writes Weekly #BeWoW Blogshare – Be Good To Yourself


Be good to yourself.

It’s easier said than done, but extremely important to remember. Humility does not ask that we think less of ourselves, just that we think of ourselves less. Many of us spend our days constantly looking out for others and it is a great work. We encourage, inspire, share, and overall put others above ourselves. But we have to remember to give this same kind of love to our own selves too. People who are good to themselves are strong enough to be good to others. On the other hand, there’s a saying that says to beware when a naked person offers you a shirt. What kindness can I offer you if I don’t first have the same kindness for myself? We have to learn to humbly accept compliments, rest when we need to, and treat ourselves every now and again. It’s not asking too much to implement some kind of exercise routine for your physical body, reading for your mind and prayer and reflection for your spirit. Our worlds can be so chaotic at times that we may even need to pull away for a while to tend to ourselves. This is not just a suggestion, but we need this. If you can’t function you can’t perform. We need to take care of ourselves so that we can continue to be of service to others. So take some time today and be wonderful to yourself this Wednesday.

I am So Tired of Hearing About

Martial Law.

I have one request to ask of you: Stop Listening to Alex Jones people.

The man doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s just trying to sell books and documentaries and whatever else he’s selling. Be careful in your research because Alex Jones just does not have understanding of what’s going on in the world. He’s getting paid off conspiracy theories (not fact, theory) and people who are looking for the truth but unfortunately stumble instead upon info wars. Now, since we’re on this subject let me say this: What we need to understand about Martial Law is that it is real, BUT it is not the main event. Martial Law is implemented AFTER the catastrophe or whatever has occurred. It is part of the Aftermath of chaos. Watch any movie and they show you how this thing is done. Only after a major disaster do we start seeing the tanks roll down the streets and the soldiers stand at street corners.

Martial Law is real but that’s not the meaning behind every single thing that happens in the world. Don’t cough the wrong way or Alex Jones gonna say we under Martial Law.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Jean Jacques Rousseau

For this week’s installment of Writer’s Quote Wednesday, I take my inspiration from Jean Jacques Rousseau:


There’s an ancient proverb that says that patience can cook a stone. What this means is that the impossible is possible with patience. You cannot literally melt a stone down into a cooking pot unless you intend on waiting for a very very VERY long time. Waiting, it is the bitter taste of patience. Not only is it sometimes stressful to have to wait, but to remain diligent while you wait is often our greatest challenge. Writing and producing takes a lot of patience but people who possess persistence are capable of achieving great things because they took their time preparing for it. Sometimes we get an idea in our head that is not meant to be acted upon right now. Sometimes these ideas are just there until it is time for them to bloom into that sweet reward that comes from hard work. Creativity then is also wrapped up in patience because waiting for the right time often nourishes our ideas; helps to organize them into realistic goals.


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