Which is Better?


Question: Why does the flag on the right offend black people more than the one on the left?

Which is better? The Flag that fought to keep slavery or the one that created it? The American flag just slaughtered nine of your brothers and sisters and yet in less than a month you’re going to stand proud in it’s honor and celebrate it’s independence. An independence that began while you were in chains; for a servant has not the privilege of being invited to the feast, he is only there to serve at the table. In the words of Frederick Douglas, “What to the slave is the 4th of July?” Its time that we wake up and realize the truth of who we are, and why these things are continuing to happen to us. It is only ignorant hypocrisy, a kind of Stockholm syndrome, that makes the oppressed mimic the ways of its oppressor. But your redemption is near. The prophets and the priests and the soldiers will not be niggas too much longer. The servants of truth are on the rise and the American Flag will not much longer bleed with the stripes of our blood, for the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

Isa 49:14- 16 < Read it. Though you have forgotten Yah of host, the Almighty Power has not forgotten you.

When We Were Colored


I remember when we were colored.
Proud I was of this “African American” staring me in the face.
Cause see
no one could tell me
that even if this dark skin could travel many seas
I couldn’t sniff a whiff of this American dream.
My skin tone a mere distraction
stacked tall with affirmative action of pity and lost hope
Back then,
when none of these psychotic nurses could tell us
that we were only colored because of the curses.
And this is not just my story
it’s his-story
when we were colored
and our minds were locked down,
enslaved with some of the heaviest chains of emancipation
but ask a group of students who look like me
about the father of many nations,
and I guarantee you zero participation.
Cause we were colored
And when you’re colored the truth is blinded by reflections
visions of spiritual malnutrition
and pretend faiths that we are afraid to admit
still exist in us.
Because the truth of the matter is that many of us are still colored
And I have to say it has nothing to do with color,
but shades of old men and women rearing ugly heads from the grave
once more
to remind us of our worldly twins
refuse to stay drowned.
However the secret lies inside the depths of men’s hearts,
for these old men rise up because of our thirst to keep them there
in the past
when we were taught to reverence their forefathers
instead of our own tribes
when we were soldiers
when we were toddlers
back in the day…
when we were colored.

Story Time…

… with EC 🙂


So, Stella has gone through her first stage of editing and I am now in the rewriting stage, so I thought I’d have some fun and engage in a little reading. Speaking of which, I’ve thought about an audio book. Well, more like a passing thought in which I’ve lingered slightly, but what if? As a reader, do you find audio books helpful or harmful? Would you’d rather listen or read? Hmmm, perhaps I’ll do another post about just that. Until then, I hope you enjoy my acting skills….

Beyond The Colored Line Ch. #1