Writer’s Quote Wednesday – The Closeness of Poetry

My contribution to this week’s episode of   Writer’s Quote Wednesday is from Babette Deutch:


“Poetry is important. No less than science, it seeks a hold upon reality, and the closeness of its approach is the test of its success.” Babette Deutsch

I had a different poetry quote in mind for today, but of the two I chose this one because it reminds me how powerful good poetry can be and the impact of its gift on the world. The result of words that live combined with a strong voice to deliver them has the capacity to change lives. I’m sure there’s so much more that can be said about this powerful quote, but that is all I have for you this afternoon.

About the Author:

Deutsch was a Poet, novelist, and editor. She was born and lived much of her life in New York City and began to publish poems in journals such as the New Republic while a student at Barnard College, where she earned a BA. Two years after her graduation, she published her first poetry collection, Banners. What is interesting about Babette is that she was part of what is called the Imagist Movement. Now I didn’t know what that was so I Googled it:

Imagism was a movement in early 20th-century Anglo-American poetry that favored precision of imagery and clear, sharp language. It has been described as the most influential movement in English poetry. A characteristic feature of Imagism is its attempt to isolate a single image to reveal its essence.

Aligned with the Imagist movement, Deutsch typically composed compact, lyrical pieces using crisp visual imagery. Many of her poems are responses to paintings or other pieces of visual art. Deutsch is the author of 10 collections of poetry, two of which are self-selected volumes of her collected work: Collected Poems 1919–1962 (1963) and The Collected Poems of Babette Deutsch (1969). She is was also the author of four novels and six children’s books. Babette died in November of 1982.


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Writing Poetry

7716writerSo I was thinking about poetry a lot this week. I’m in the midst of this like wondering moment if you will; a pondering of thoughts concerning poetry. I noticed that the inspiration I have to write poetry is different than the inspiration to write in general. It’s not like just sitting down and just writing but more like a wanting to express myself in a deeper way I suppose. To be more detailed, and filled with expression. For me writing poetry specifically cannot be forced. I don’t know if I could be asked and then write on the spot. It doesn’t come to me that way. For me it has to flow naturally, almost like breathing, it has to be inside of me and then I can let the words exhale from within me. Not to just write but to do so creatively, metaphorically, symbolically, lyrically. When I started writing poetry it was for reasons many start to write. I wrote what I could not speak, and what I could not speak I wrote down. Finding compassion and solace in the spaces between the words. And often going back to read what I felt and to see if I could still relate to those feelings or if I’d grown some.

Does the writing of poetry for you involve a similar process as writing in general or is there a different method involved?