To Schedule or Not to Schedule Posts


OK, I just did something really awkward. The post that just came through was supposed to be for tomorrow (Friday). But it appears that WordPress timing is on accord with original time. That is, a new day begins when the sun sets. This is historical fact. In the beginning, people did not always have clocks and time zones. They did however have the sun, the moon, and the stars. But I am noticing a trend with WordPress that mimics this same thing in my Stats section. Have anyone else noticed this? If you go into your dashboard when the sun goes down on any given day, you’ll already begin to see the views come in under the next days date in your stats. For instance: The views you are all getting now will fall under April 10th although according to our current measurement of time, April 10th is not here yet (I’m writing this at 8:40pm CST on Apr 9th). I decided to schedule tomorrows post (today for those of you reading in the future hee hee, funny)because I know I will not have the time to manually log on so I scheduled that last post for April 10th. I thought I was being smart by using military time just in case WordPress isn’t on my time zone and so scheduled it for 0:00 hours to reflect 12am. The jokes on me though because I’m seeing likes from a post that’s supposed to come through tomorrow!


Oh well, maybe I’m just exhibiting my amateur blogging skills and the rest of you are having a good laugh. At least those of you in other countries are enjoying the post on time huh? I would appreciate however some wisdom from some of you blogging veterans though. I plan to schedule posts a lot more in the future and this is just not going to work. Are there any adjustments I need to make in the settings? Right now every thing pretty much falls under my time zone (USA, Central Standard Time). Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer assistance.

Wk 2: Love Poems Challenge: A Love Like Music


Welcome back everyone for another week of Looooveee with Lisa Tetting’s Love Poem Challenge brought to you every Friday. This one is a re-post, an oldie but goodie. Enjoy.

A Love Like Music…

the instant birth of calm
and racing anxiety slowed,
and slick,
and subtle
like splashes of sunlight chipping at our faces
warm and comforting
like tapping footsteps
love me
like drumming fingers
like dancing
bobbing heads and bodies contorted
into the full figure of violin
and singing like half notes
like puzzles brought together and connecting to the sky
we love like wireless
find us anywhere
find us weak and fractured
our experiences tugging against the others existence like tendons and muscles
our faces pulled back like nostalgia
an orgasmic melody of words to virgin ears
potent, and suspect, and anxious
like balls of flesh torn into stuttering syllables, and time signatures
and melodies and pianos
we play poetry like pianos
like fingers are feathers
every nerve tickled by the slightest touch
a Katrina of waves pleasurable and strong
like euphoria
brushing against the shores of truth
love me into music
like base that split atoms into frequencies that scrape the sky
that loves like stringed instruments
this is a love that sounds
like music


And that’s it for my contribution to Lisa’s Love Poems Challenge. Click the pic (or the link below) to see how you can join the fun!