Letter To: ‘The Humble’ (“Letter To” Episode #2)

Well said, excellent.

The Write Perspective

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss. Humble,

I appreciate those instances where you thought of the things outside of yourself. You acted kindly or helped someone out and when the time arrived for your recognition and honor you chose not to place greatness on yourself but instead used the opportunity to remind others there is a greater purpose in your good actions. Beyond being thanked, which is a perfectly normal gesture, you suggest you’ll keep doing the things you do because the world needs you to. You’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

You’re not here to gain from or exploit the world. You live within your means so as not to cause strain on anyone or anything.

You’re the exact opposite of ‘attention-seeking’ and you’re opposite of the definition of a capitalist; you have no need to benefit from the things you do. You’re able to let karma return to you in whatever fashion you’ve expressed and your own expectations…

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