She was fourteen when the uglies came
fourteen when she realized that she was un-pretty
You see her mom’s mother’s mother,
and her mother before that
began the process of digestion that would take place through generational blood cells that rejected what they considered…the uglies.
so she regurgitated this face given her by some fierce creator the moment her life began recycling the cycle of teens who refuse to simply look in the mirror
Why should she?
For the laying on of verbal hands became saliva that practiced the breaking down of insults that made this decision mushy, and easy to swallow
and proactive never helped out,
pushing indoctrination further into her mouth until she has no other choice but to chew smooth skin and straight hair with her teeth
was it her fault?
that when she looked in the mirror a strange girl is all she could see
and positive comments slid off of her chocolate skin like empty belief.
Satisfaction never molding this face into something she could see
never pushing its mushed up reality down the back of her throat
pretty stuff
never making it through adolescence
never making it through to the esophagus
It was all she’s known and all she could see
never mind her thought process to ever enter the second portion of the digestive tract
for she was stuck
stuck in a world where beauty rocked air force ones and apple bottom jeans
the prettiest trading her cookies in for a better face
pretty little face
or that celebrities were simply pretty little liars
because beauty never came with a price
It was simply a disease, an infection
moving confidence back to the ugly shaped tears that arose in her throat
that generations of house slaves would teach her to stomach
this mushed up ball of ugly too weak to form strong muscles that could stop it from mixing around images of Beyoncé and her sister Solange,
that could not stop it from becoming pretty plastic properties of Nicki Minaj
WHO forgot to tell this sista…
That in her world of pretty,
pretty was really

The Illuminati Obssessed Youth

Since every kid I seem to run into now days seems to be infatuated with the Illuminati, let me just say this:

Dear Young People,


The Illuminati is not a group of rich white men sitting in a dimly lit room around a table smoking Cigars. These are servants of the Illuminati (called The Order of the Illuminati) but they are not the real Illuminati. The real Illuminati are actually a group of Fallen Angels called Watchers who were to watch over mankind but instead came down to marry and have sex with human women. As a result, these produced Giants on the Earth called Nephillim (meaning from Heaven to Earth they came, the Benni Ha Elohim, or Sons of the Gods) and resulted in the great flood (Gen. 5-6). The “All Seeing Eye” is the Symbol for The Watchers, that’s why it’s an eye because it symbolizes their watch over mankind. There are lots of movies many of you enjoy that tell their story, such as many of your Super Hero movies, Hercules, Thor, Superman, X-Men, etc. Illuminati is for Illumination and is to symbolize the supposed light that Lucifer is giving to those who serve him (since he used to be the light bearer and all). Light is symbolic of truth and knowledge but this knowledge Satan is giving to the Order of the Illuminati (the human servants) through The Watcher angels under him is not a good knowledge, and his truth is deception: it’s a lie that is made to look like the truth.


If you wanna know what’s going on get off of YouTube and pick up a bible. In Gen. Chapter 3 is the foundation to every secret society / mystery school to ever exist. (Example: The Symbol for Skull & Bones is a pair of cross bones over the numbers: 3:22, it is to represent Death and Genesis 3:22, man has become a God. They worship Satan outright because they say that Satan gave man Godhood). So, start there, but don’t walk around reppin the Illuminati, they are not your friends, and it has never been cool to worship the devil.